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Why do people love to buy star maps?

Looking up at the night sky is a magical experience. Pointing out constellations and wishing on stars is exciting for children and adults alike.

It’s no wonder custom star maps are growing in popularity. They allow people to capture a glimpse of the night sky that they can enjoy for a long time.

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In past times, star maps were used to learn more about astronomical events and objects. Constellations and galaxies are among the many objects studied in the sky.

Because of how beautiful they are, average individuals have taken a liking to the features that star maps offer and can now personalize their own.

Bring the beautiful night sky indoors where you can enjoy it for years to come.

What is a Modern-Day Star Map?

All it takes to make a star map is a memorable date and an important location. These maps make it possible to preserve a memory uniquely.

By inputting the date of your choice and the location you love, you will receive a unique poster.

A projection of the night sky on that exact date and in that exact place will fill the image. You can recognize the constellations that appeared on that evening and reminisce about the feelings you experienced.

A custom-made star map is unique from the ones that can be found in museums and planetariums. It is an image that you appreciate more than anyone else and a close up of one location.

While star maps can be romantic, they also function beautifully as everyday decor. Bring your home to life with the bright night sky.

You Can Design Your Own

With the rising popularity of star maps, more companies are creating platforms that allow you to get in touch with outer space.

It’s easy to create a star map to remember an important event or a memory that you never want to forget. Any place that holds a special place in your heart can be forever written in the stars.

It’s easy to bring the stars inside when you have the necessary resources at your fingertips. Hit the internet to create your custom star map or a gift for a friend.

There are so many different websites to create your map, like TwinkleInTime. Their beautiful maps can help keep your memory alive with ease.

Their star maps feature completely customizable prints, where you can choose the date and location of the night sky. You can even choose the background color of the poster, if you want constellations outlined, or if there is a grid to measure the stars.

Underneath the print of the sky, you can choose to show the coordinates, the date, and the name of the location. There is even an optional space for you to create a caption.

TwinkleInTime also offers a stunning frame to house your custom poster. A frame will help preserve it and protect it from wear and tear.

Outer space is a bit of a mystery to the naked eye, but star maps help make the unknown more tangible. Star maps serve many purposes, making them perfect for any occasion. Twinkle in time was also included on 2019 CoolThingChicago’s list of best romantic gifts for women.

Star Maps Make Romantic Gifts

Giving the person you love the perfect gift is always difficult. Star maps make your gift-giving task a bit easier.

If an anniversary is coming up, there is no need to worry. Create your spouse a star map of your wedding night, or your girlfriend a map of the day you met.

Any significant other would fall in love with you even deeper when they see the beautiful map you create. The romantic date and location you choose will show how much you care and how romantic you can be.

Star maps even make romantic birthday gifts or Christmas gifts. No matter the occasion, giving a star map will add the perfect touch.

They Commemorate Loved Ones

When we lose a loved one, we want to find the perfect way to keep their memory alive. It is now possible to create a star map that will pay homage to the ones you love.

Think of all the memories you made at your grandparents’ house. You can create a star map of a special memory at their house or a holiday you celebrated there.

Remember a lost parent through creating a star map of their birthday or their wedding date.

Anybody you have loved and lost can be remembered through a special image of the stars.

Maps of the Stars Add A Personal Touch to Any Space (No Pun Intended!)

You can even create a star map to keep as a unique decoration in a room that needs a little love.

You can create a star map of each of your children’s birthdays for their bedrooms. A star map will especially spruce up an empty new apartment or a college dorm room. Choose the day you moved into your first place or finally graduated!

Any important date can be saved both in memory and on the wall with a custom star map. You can even bring the stars inside the kitchen or dining room to make the home feel complete.

Give the Gift of Friendship, Too!

While a star map can be romantic, it can also be a heartwarming gift to give your best friend or other loved one that you care deeply about.

Any precious memory you share will make the perfect birthday gift or going away present. It’s a beautiful way to make your closest friends happy.

You don’t have to give them something tacky when you can create a custom map of the sky for them.

The stars carry a different meaning for everybody, but they can bring loved ones close together. Spending time under the stars creates memories that last forever.

Star maps can preserve any memory for a lifetime. No matter what you want to remember or who you want to share a memory with, you can frame a momentous occasion in a beautiful map of the night sky. People love bringing happy memories into their homes with custom star maps.

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