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What to do if you find a tick on your body?

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With the arrival of the warm season, we start to hear active warnings about the danger of ticks. What we should know about ticks and how to protect ourselves from their bites? Meredith Hayes, Health Expert from Beezzly tell us.

Ticks parasitize almost all types of forest animals and livestock, as well as many species of birds feeding on the ground. They also willingly attack humans. Hungry ticks are not able to travel long distances on their own. So they patiently wait, sitting in the grass or small bushes, when their potential victim will approach them. And then they act very quickly: clutching in wool or clothing, the parasites quickly move around the body, choosing a place for bloodsucking. In animals, ticks most often are found on the head, especially behind the ears, on the neck, under the chest, and in the inguinal region. In humans, sucking parasites are usually discovered in the armpits, in the groin, and on the scalp.

Ticks carry tick-borne borreliosis, human granulocytic anaplasmosis, and human monocytic ehrlichiosis. This kind of ailment is unlikely to be a pleasant addition to a trip to the barbecue. The best way not to get infected is to prevent the tick from biting. What are the most effective measures?

Proper Clothes

Even if it is very hot outside, it is better to wear closed clothing if you go on a picnic. It will protect you not only from ticks but also from mosquitoes. It will not be hot in summer trousers and a shirt made of light fabric, and you will be well protected from insects.Detailed information you can find here.

Repellents and Folk Remedies

You can find a lot of aerosols and ointments against ticks in stores. But if for some reason you do not trust industrial means, but love folk remedies, you can make your own version.

Take a sticky roller for cleaning clothes and a bottle of essential oil (lemongrass, peppermint, rosemary, thyme, or cedar). Spread some oil evenly over the roller. Slide the roller over your clothes. Just try it first in a small area to make sure that the oil leaves no stains.

Regular Check

Ticks usually do not stick to a person right away, but at first, they crawl for a long time on clothes in search of an open area of ​​skin. Therefore, from time to time, you need to carefully examine yourself and the children in order to remove the pest in time. And of course, you must carefully examine all family members and pets when you return home.

How to Protect Pets

Usually, ticks do not bring harm to cats, but they are very dangerous for dogs. Therefore, it is important to buy protective collars and aerosols for your four-legged friend, as well as regularly inspect the dog. At the first sign of malaise (lethargy, lack of appetite), immediately bring it to the vet.

What to Do if You Find a Tick on Your Body?

Do not panic. Remove the tick as soon as possible and submit for analysis. You can remove the tick at any emergency room in your city or on your own. You need to grab it with tweezers as close to the proboscis as possible and gently pull it up, rotating it around its axis. If there are no tweezers at hand, you can grab the tick with a piece of cotton wool or bandage.

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