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What kinds of a blog can be profitable?

As I Write My Essay Today I acknowledge that a blog is a serious business as skydiving; your life depends on it. In skydiving, it is about your life and coming out of it victorious and safe no matter what. It is important that your blog headline is your main elevator pitch. An elevator pitch lets you keep it short enough to cover the essentials. Deliver headlines which leave the audience interested in learning more. A blog should be compelling, such that the headline leads the reader to the first paragraph, which leads them to the second paragraph and it continues like that. A profitable blog is not about writing about what you are passionate about, but it is about who you are writing for. What do the readers want?

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Kinds of blogs that are profitable

How to make money?

This is a topic likely to be searched by most people at some point in life. In this case, how to make money through blogging. The best thing is that the owner of the blog is making money you read. This kind of blog should tell it as it is to lead people to read more about it. Talk about what works and what doesn’t work and why. People love honest, real-life experiences so that they don’t go through the same or they know better how to deal with the situations.


Money matters take a wide dimension depending on how you look at it, but at the end of the day, everybody wants to know how to make money. Others want to save money or know what kind of investments they can undertake, or earn extra money through freelancing. These blogs ideally show people how they can save money through frugal living and how to invest the saved money.

Health and fitness

This kind of blog has many readers, but you could miss out on the money factor if you are not careful. Everybody is looking for ways to be healthy in one or two areas of their life. The best approach to this is by sharing experiences through affiliate marketing sites like Amazon. This is a great point for people looking for products to solve their problems. This can also include yoga and dieting tips that actually work.

Beauty and fashion

This is a great blog niche because it can get you access to cool events. While all other blogs will rely on writing content; beauty and fashion demand more than writing from a blogger. Fashion and beauty rely on you being able to portray what you write about. The blog is more about the visual images that will make or break your blog. This is about making sure that you walk the talk for your audience to understand better.


This is a broad topic which can take different dimensions on the same topic. Some believe that they can write anything as long as it is about lifestyle, but this is not the case. Consider undertaking one topic under the lifestyle blog niche such as gardening, survival, travel, organization among others. These blogs make money through the ads that run through.

Personal development

Be careful not to be vague about this broad topic. Personal development blogs should focus on one particular area such as overcoming depression. There is a lot of research on personal development that you can hardly exhaust.

The kind of a profitable blog you are looking forward to starting, it is about what people want. You need to be specific on what you want to achieve with your blog such as promises your audience how they can be better parents, how they can be better with their thesis, or how they can make money online. These are catchy blogs which leave a reader interested to know more. With the right strategy, you can easily live-off blogging.

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