The latest trends in online dating

couples therapyOver the course of the years, a lot of things have changed in the world of dating, and it is especially evident in the aspect of online dating.

The past few years have seen a lot of our favorite celebrity couples go their separate ways, people from different ethnicities and nationalities finding love with each other and tying the knot, older women getting hooked to younger men, and a lot more ‘unconventional’ occurrences in the dating world.

In all, numerous changes have taken place, and it is not out of place to collate these latest trends. Who knows? You might need them if you want to land yourself a date.

Stay with us, as we bring you the latest trends in online dating.

Social Media Dating

It is not something new any more that social media has been turned into a hookup avenue, despite being a non-dating site. These days, a lot of successful relationships and marriages have their roots in the social media sites, and a lot of people are still exploring the possibilities.

These are the days of sliding into DMs and striking up an interesting conversation, or dropping a creative comment on a thread and taking it up from there. Who knows? You might just be lucky!

The possibilities of landing yourself a date through social media sites are endless; there’s even a room to include your relationship status on your profile. Give it a try: the possibilities of landing a date are higher than the impossibilities of finding one.

Having a Degree Makes You More Attractive

It’s a rule of the thumb that those who have a minimum of a Bachelor degree are more widely accepted and seen as ‘dateable’ on online dating sites. Studies show that they tend to get more replies to the messages they send out.

The ‘Mr Nice Guys’ Are Taken First

Single men who come across as ‘nice’ on their profiles tend to command more attention and get more messages. As a female, look out for guys with ‘friendly’, ‘polite’, ‘thoughtful’ and other such encomiums. They are your go-to guys.  

Lunch Dates Are Preferred to Dinner Dates

While trying to warm up to a potential date, the possibilities of making a headway is higher when you talk about going on a lunch date. Research shows that the mention of ‘dinner dates’, ‘going out for coffee or drinks’ for a first meeting reduces your chances of going on an actual date.

Delayed Responses

In online dating, it is always advised to reply someone’s messages within the day at most. Waiting too long before replying will make the person lose interest and move on, as no one is interested in having disjointed chats.

Video Dating

Even before the advent of online dating, video dating has been in use. With the help of Facebook, Instagram and Snapchat, creating a profile story which combines voice recordings, video clips and photos is now easy.

Older Women, Younger Men

A very noticeable trend in online dating nowadays is that older women are going for younger men, and younger men are okay with the idea.

This pairing is ideal as the only relevance for women in relationships become their lifestyle and appearance. Even the psychological restrictions holding women back from this type of dating is quickly becoming a past tense.

They came to realize that they actually share a lot of similarities with younger men, and they are flowing with the trend.


A lot of things have changed over the years in the dating world. If you want to be in tune with the way things work these days, just go through the points listed above. You just might find love through any of these ways. Good luck!

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