Spanberger, Northam lead push for passage of infrastructure bill

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Congresswoman Abigail Spanberger and Gov. Ralph Northam are highlighting the benefits of the infrastructure package awaiting action in the House of Representatives — and to call for its swift passage.

To urge the U.S. House to pass this legislation as soon as possible and deliver results for Virginia, Spanberger and Northam were joined by representatives from the Laborers’ International Union of North America Mid-Atlantic Region, the Mid-Atlantic Pipe Trades Association, and the Iron Workers District Council of the Mid-Atlantic States. Additionally, they were joined by Brian Anderson, President & CEO of ChamberRVA.

During an event outside the Virginia State Capitol this week, Spanberger, Northam and Virginia labor groups highlighted the Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act’s billions in investments for Virginia roads, bridges, rail, pipes, transit, and broadband internet. Specifically, the legislation includes an estimated $7 billion for Virginia highways and more than $530 million for Virginia bridge replacement and repairs over five years.

Additionally, Virginia is expected to receive a minimum of $100 million to support its ongoing efforts to expand high-speed broadband internet access throughout the Commonwealth, as well as an expected $738 million over five years to improve Virginia’s pipes and water infrastructure.

Click here for a fact sheet outlining the Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act’s Virginia-focused provisions.

“Through conversations with both Democrats and Republicans, I know that physical infrastructure — as an issue — is one that unites Americans across the political spectrum. Our roads, our bridges, our electrical grid, and our water systems connect us. They bind us together, and they support good-paying jobs for Virginia workers and their families. With these investments, we will be investing in a stronger America for the next generation,” said Spanberger (D-VA-07). “I was proud to stand alongside Governor Northam and Virginia labor organizations in calling for the U.S. House to move the bipartisan Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act to the President’s desk as soon as possible. As we recover from the COVID-19 pandemic, this bipartisan bill would be truly transformational for Virginia’s economy, as well as the long-term success of our Commonwealth’s workforce.”

“Infrastructure means jobs,” said Northam. “People are working in Virginia and our economy is stronger than most other states — thanks in large part to our own investments in broadband, mass transit and roads, clean energy and more. We all want to keep this momentum going and keep people on the job — so Congress needs to pass this federal infrastructure bill.”

“The bipartisan infrastructure bill is being held hostage at the expense of Virginia’s working families,” said Dennis L. Martire, Vice President & Mid-Atlantic Regional Manager, Laborers’ International Union of North America. “Virginia has a lot of rebuilding to do not just in infrastructure but also in its workforce, and we need representatives from both sides of the aisle to join Representative Spanberger to start that rebuilding now, not weeks from now. Passing the infrastructure bill is critical in ensuring that both the roads we drive on and the roads to family-supporting jobs are strong throughout the Commonwealth.”

“The bipartisan infrastructure bill proposes the single largest investment in America’s roads and bridges since the interstate highway system was built decades ago. That’s big and it puts a lot of people — a lot of hardworking Virginians — back to work. We have to make sure these are good paying, family sustaining jobs,” said Aaron Bast, Business Manager, Iron Workers Local 5 & Member, Iron Workers District Council of the Mid-Atlantic States.

“ChamberRVA, in collaboration with the U.S. Chamber and the Virginia Chamber, strongly urges Congress to pass the Infrastructure, Investment, and Jobs Act to immediately send to President Biden,” said Brian Anderson, President & CEO, ChamberRVA. “Our Nation’s infrastructure is falling short of our current and future needs and should not be hindered by partisan politics. Critical investments in building and maintaining our roads and bridges, expanding broadband and public transit, and improving our water system and electrical grid will strengthen the conditions for job creation and continued economic development.”

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