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Press Conference: Butch Davis

North Carolina football coach Butch Davis talks with the news media on Monday. UNC (3-2, 1-1 ACC) will face Virginia (2-3, 0-2 ACC) on Saturday at 6 p.m.

“One thing I would like to make clear it that these findings and the outcome that followed today by no ways does this represent the type of football program we are trying to build here. Certainly in any form or fashion does it represent the type of football program the university deserves.

As head football coach it is clearly my responsibility to be in charge of the football program; to help educate the players and to help educate their parents. To make sure everyone understands what the rules and stipulations of extra benefits and inappropriate relationships builds.

I personally want to apologize to the chancellor, the Board of Trustees and our faculty. I want to apologize to our alums and our supporters for having to go through this. It is a very difficult and trying time as we go through this.

I am also very sad and disappointed that these individuals made these extraordinarily poor choices. Not only did they jeopardize themselves and their lives. They have certainly jeopardized this team and this university. I know that they are very remorseful about that, but it does not diminish the fact that these actions were poor choices in these kids’ lives.

As Mr. Baddour alluded to the academic side of things, one of the things that we have talked about is how important it is that one of these days football might be over, either through injury, talent or whatever the situation might be. How critically important it is for kids to come here and want to get a good education and represent the University of North Carolina in a first class manner.

As I spoke to these three individuals this morning that is one of the things I tried to reiterate to them this morning: though football is over at the University of North Carolina that you still have an obligation to yourself and your family to get as close to completing your education.

I know that in these situations that as head football coach I have to do a much better job. Part of the education aspect of things that we have put some things in place to hopefully to try to prevent these things from happening in the future.

Such things as having kids sign out when they are no longer going to be on campus for holidays and vacations. I think it is critically important to know where they are going, how they are getting there and monetarily who is paying for the particular trips.

Another thing that is critically important is that anybody who is a financial advisor or agent, or anybody who might represent their personal interest is going to have to contact our administration and set up appointments.

Those appointments are going to have to take place in this building. So no longer will they be making contact with people with at least some kind of knowledge of what’s potentially going on.

Another important aspect of this education is who can provide extra benefits? It is also inclusive of alumni, high school teammates, friends, former student-athletes so they get a better understanding of what the definition of extra benefits are.

I am very proud the way our coaches and players have fought through the adversity, the way that they’re playing.

I can promise you that moving forward that we are going to do everything we can within this football program to restore the confidence of everybody that loves this university.

This is a terrific school with a great reputation. It’s got a great academic reputation, a great athletic reputation. I give you my word and promise that as the head football coach that I will work everyday to restore that confidence. “