Perfect presentation with ready-made Google Slide templates: A guide

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Some people don’t make presentations very often, while others do it every day. Some people prepare presentations for their own purposes, others prepare presentations for their bosses, colleagues, or on demand.

Google Slides is now firmly in its niche and quite competitive with PowerPoint in terms of creating and designing presentations. This software is used today in a huge number of companies and institutions. One of the biggest advantages is its accessibility. Firstly it is an online tool and secondly it is completely free. Also, many people choose this service because it allows them to do everything in real time. That is, if there are any problems with your device — all the changes will be saved in the cloud.

Another advantage of this program is the built-in themes and templates that make it easy to work with. However, this might not be enough, but you can always find alternatives and adapt them for your projects. Some people underestimate the advantage of ready-made templates for presentations, but this is very misleading. Google Slides themes are a one-stop solution that can be found for any purpose. These products can help you save a lot of time at work, make the projects brighter, professional, more engaging and, of course, more marketable.

Saves time

In today’s world, everyone wants to save time and create projects quickly. Therefore, the fact that ready-made Google Slides presentations save time seems to be the most obvious advantage. If you simply assume the average value, it takes 50% of the time to create a presentation from scratch. The debt of choosing standard templates is also quite a time-consuming process, because you are choosing among the same-type and boring solutions. Of course, it is all relative and depends on the task at hand. But in any case, it takes a certain amount of time, which is also not profitable. And it can be spent on the presentation itself and its content, as well as on other work. So, on that basis, when you are in the process of creating a presentation, you can just find a lot of ready-made themes for it and not complicate your work. Open the marketplaces, look at the collections, and opt for the products you like best. This way you may create a bright and extraordinary project faster.


There are many websites where you may find a variety of presentation templates to use. Your main task is to search for a reliable source with high-quality products. Google Slides themes also come in many different forms. There are simple, plain ones, and there are those quality and multipurpose premium offerings. There are also fully free of charge items. So, on different sources, everyone can find the desired solution and create a cool project based on it. You may choose an item, which will only have to be filled with content. You can also opt for a close to perfect solution and change a few settings.

MasterBundles offers a pretty wide selection of themes for Google Slides. You can find completely different items for any task, and depending on the nature and purpose of the presentation. These can range from strict business templates to fun entertaining ones. So, it will be absolutely easy for you to choose a theme, whether it is a presentation for your company or for your class at school.

Free of cost

Last but not least is availability and price. One may wonder why good templates are placed in the public domain? The reasons are different. Some developers do it to increase credibility. Other offerings make it for brand recognition. But some users use the distribution of free templates to build a base of subscribers, who can then be offered premium templates or other services by email.

This is where the rule that price determines quality becomes completely invalid. There are hundreds of free but quality and good templates on the internet. They can really help make your project more effective, stylish and professional, and you won’t pay even a penny for all of that.


Among the thousands of free templates, most of which are all-purpose sets of slides with different background images, there are literally masterpieces available in the open. Due to them you can make a professional project that will help you properly present your ideas and purpose. If you often have to create presentations, then don’t be lazy to look for reliable and trusted sources that will be a great place to get awesome Google Slides themes.

Remember that a template is just a tool. Professional designers spend dozens of hours creating them — use their efforts so that you don’t have to do that, but spend more time on quality and interesting content.

Story by Alex Downing


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