Northam for Governor to air new ad: ‘Sold’

ralph northam campaignThe Northam for Governor campaign will begin airing a new ad entitled “Sold.”

The ad makes the case that Republican Ed Gillespie has a long and checkered history of lobbying against the best interests of Virginians to line his own pockets. From predatory student loan companies to the big banks on Wall Street, Gillespie has lived up to his reputation of being the biggest alligator in the D.C. swamp, willing to sell out Virginians for his own gain.

Several weeks ago, the Northam campaign began airing an ad entitled “Enron Ed” highlighting the ways Gillespie fought to make sure it was harder for students to afford college and, most egregiously, his time of lobbying for Enron’s interests ahead of their massive scandal. “Sold” is the next ad in the series, pointing out how Trump-lobbyist Ed Gillespie’s history of lobbying for the worst of the worst will lead him to sell out to the highest bidder.


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