newsyoungkin defends making critical race theory a campaign issue calls it privilege bingo

Youngkin defends making critical race theory a campaign issue: Calls it ‘privilege bingo’

Chris Graham
Gov. Glenn Youngkin
Gov. Glenn Youngkin. Photo courtesy Office of Gov. Glenn Youngkin.

Gov. Glenn Youngkin calls it “privilege bingo.” Which shows that he doesn’t get it that the game is rigged, and in his favor.

“We shouldn’t teach children that they should judge one another, and one group is privileged, and another group is going to find it hard in life, necessarily. And we shouldn’t blame someone and have them form a view that they’re inherently racist because of their race or their sex or their religion,” Youngkin said in an interview on CBS “Face the Nation” on Sunday.

Nobody is suggesting that we teach children that they should judge one another, or that anyone is inherently racist because of their race, sex or religion. But neither should we teach kids to ignore the obvious, that one group is privileged, and that another group is going to find is hard in life.

Obviously, adults, like Youngkin, have a hard time accepting this reality; we can hope that our kids learn these facts of life better than we did.

The privilege of being white in America is having access to better schools, better jobs, better maternal care, the presumption that interactions with police won’t end in you getting shot at 90 times.

Youngkin, shamelessly, gemmed up controversy over critical race theory to build momentum in the 2021 governor’s race.

Enough suburban white voters, more shamelessly, rewarded him.

And now Youngkin is trying to pretend that it’s not him playing the race card.

“Right out of the box, we worked in order to remove inherently divisive concepts from curriculum. We absolutely are pushing to teach all history, the good and the bad. And again, we can bring people together around this, as opposed to divide them,” Youngkin said.

Sorry, Guv, but our history is, unfortunately, inherently divisive.

His education agenda is to literally whitewash history, to sanitize it to the point that white folks don’t have to feel guilty for the advantages that American society provides them.

Nobody is asking them to give up those advantages; just to acknowledge them.

Chris Graham

Chris Graham

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