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Winners and Losers | Deeds, McDonnell, Bolling, Letterman, Jon, Favre


LOSER: Creigh Deeds is either holding, or …
Throw out the Rasmussen poll that had Bob McDonnell opening up a nine-point lead earlier this week as an outlier. (For now.) Even assuming the governor’s race is still a four- to five-point race, we can say that the thesis bump has run its course, and Creigh Deeds is going to need another push across the finish line.
And it’s going to come from … where, exactly?

WINNER: Bob McDonnell is running on fumes, but who’s noticing?
The critique of the Deeds campaign is that it’s based almost entirely on Creigh Deeds not being Bob McDonnell.
It could just as easily be said that the Bob McDonnell campaign is about Bob McDonnell not being Bob McDonnell.
Other than the thesis and the caricature in the media that McDonnell is more substance than Deeds, um, well, where’s the beef?

LOSER: Bill Bolling blasts Jody Wagner, and hits McDonnell with friendly fire
The campaign of Lt. Gov. Bill Bolling has been hitting Democratic opponent Jody Wagner hard for quitting her job as Secretary of Finance to run for lieutenant governor.
OK, so then what about how Bob McDonnell quit his job as attorney general to run for governor?
Er, well, you know …

LOSER: David Letterman goes public with tawdry news
At least he had fun with it, suggesting that the details of his sexual dalliances with female members of his “Late Show” staff would be embarrassing, “especially for the women.”
But what about that $2 million check that the alleged extortionist cashed on Thursday?
He’s not getting that back anytime soon, I’m guessing.

LOSER: ‘Kate Plus 8’ minus the dead weight
So now the Jon guy thinks the show is exploitative of his eight children.
Convenient when he’s trying to pitch a reality show of his own.

LOSER: Brett Favre
If the NFL were the WWE, Vince McMahon would have Favre take the fall Monday night.


– Column by Chris Graham



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