newswildlife center of virginia celebrates earth day with bear cubs

Wildlife Center of Virginia celebrates Earth Day with … bear cubs


wildlife-center2The Wildlife Center of Virginia is celebrating Earth Day with “Bear Cam” … a live web-cam  look at three Black Bear cubs.

These three cubs – all males, and all born earlier this year – were somehow separated from their mothers or possibly orphaned.  The three cubs are now sharing an enclosure in the Center’s Bear Pens and may be seen wrestling, roughhousing, napping … and eating.  The cubs are being bottle-fed twice a day; they are also being offered “mush bowls” – thickened bear formula, softened puppy chow, and small pieces of soft fruit.

The three cubs are:

  • #15-0224, admitted on April 4 from Shenandoah County;
  • #15-0292, admitted on April 13 from Albemarle County;
  • #15-0354, admitted on April 19 from Bath County.

Bear Cam is on Critter Cam 2 – one of the three “channels” of the Center’s Critter Cam.

On Critter Cam 1 today, viewers may check in on Maggie, the Center’s resident Peregrine Falcon … or Papa G’Ho, a resident surrogate Great Horned Owl, and owlet #15-0281 [rescued from Albemarle County].

On Critter Cam 3 … Buddy the Bald Eagle.

Critter Cam broadcasts every day from 6 a.m. to 12 midnight Eastern:



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