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White Angel marks trilogy for author Robert Oakes

White Angel compressed for websiteRobert Oakes, an author living in Weyers Cave, has completed his first fantasy trilogy with the publication of “White Angel.”  

Oakes’ trilogy, the Black Scarlet Saga, which also includes “Black Crystal” and “Black Scarlet,” is a story about independent, strong-willed warrior women fighting the forces of evil. And though these fierce women are ready for any battle, their determination, loyalty and tenacity are their greatest assets. Some of the women are older and more experienced, while others are embarking on their very first quest. Yet they all share one thing, a refusal to submit to evil and a desperate desire to live free.

In “Black Crystal,” the first novel of the Black Scarlet Saga trilogy, Chen, the leader of a band of warrior women, inherits a black-crystal castle. When it’s attacked by a tyrannical warlord, she and her warrior women fight to defend the one place where they can live free. In “Black Scarlet,” the second novel in the trilogy, when Chen and her warrior women help a wise and courageous woman inherit her father’s castle, the opposition kidnaps Chen’s baby, and a mother’s wrath explodes. Then, in “White Angel,” Chen and her warrior women fight to take back an enlightened king’s castle from a sadistic gargoyle warlord. However, after being trapped behind enemy lines, Chen and her warrior women roar in desperate defiance, shaking the very foundation of the castle and the warlord himself.

Robert Oakes has been deeply influenced by “warrior women,” women who possess the wisdom and strength to survive life’s challenges, and his trilogy is a tribute to such women. Longtime family friend Dawn Rogers is the basis for Chen, the leader of the warrior women in the Saga. In real life, Oakes had repeatedly witnessed Rogers make difficult decisions, ones that would require her to take actions involving considerable risk, and she never chose the path of least resistance. So once Oakes began writing the Black Scarlet Saga, it was clear to him that such a true-life warrior woman had to become the trilogy’s lead character.

The Black Scarlet Saga, “Black Crystal,” “Black Scarlet” and “White Angel,” are available on Amazon.com, BarnesandNoble.com and on www.BlackScarletSaga.com.



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