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Want a job in WWE? Joey Styles tells you how to get one


Joey Styles, the Voice of ECW, now working in the front office at WWE, had some free advice for people who want to get a job in WWE in a recent interview with the student newspaper at Temple University.

“Call the H.R. department of the company you desire to work at, and tell them what you can do and that you’re willing to work for free,” Styles said. “WWE has unpaid interns every single summer and winter break, and I know at least three who graduated and became employees. It’s definitely about making connections to be where you want to be, but you make your own luck. Don’t wait for your break, make it.”

So there it is. Be willing to work for free.

The same basic advice applies for those who want to become a wrestling TV announcer.

“You have to know the product backwards and forwards, intern somewhere in the broadcasting profession, and get experience on the air,” Styles said. “Just keep in mind you’re talking about an industry where there is only one company where you can make a living at calling wrestling matches, so you should probably widen your potential employers and fields you want to go in.”



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