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Viewpoints on WVPT highlights efforts of Salvation Army


salvation army viewpointsAs the hosts of Viewpoints on WVPT, there’s so much that we can do to get people to watch and be engaged.

The easy thing to do is highlight the latest on the presidential race, and we will get into that, and congressional races, as the summer turns to fall.

But this week, we decided to focus on something a little more consequential right here in the Valley.

There’s no way you’re thinking about the Salvation Army, because you only think about the Salvation Army at Christmas, and only then because of the ever-present red kettles that raise money for the needy in the Christmas season.

Thing is, the needs in communities that the Salvation Army serves – in 127 countries worldwide – are year-round in nature.

“People get caught up at Christmas, and think, if we can just get through Christmas, everything will be fine the rest of the year. The funding that we get goes to all of the programs and activities and services that we provide throughout the year. By the time we get to the summer, those are the lean months. That’s when donations seem to slow down, and the need becomes really great,” said Jason Perdieu, the corps officer at the Salvation Army in Waynesboro.

Perdieu and Angie Engleman, the recently retired case manager at the Waynesboro Salvation Army, joined us to talk about the year-round funding needs in Waynesboro.

The Salvation Army is establishing a fund in the name of Engleman – dubbed Ms. Angie’s Fund – to raise money outside the red kettle campaign and provide for those year-round needs.

“Mostly people calling, saying, My lights are off, my baby is in the home, and getting them in so we can help them. People being evicted, and they come in, and we try to do what we can. Sometimes we can’t help, but there are other resources that I can try to refer them to. That’s where the collaboration part has come in, where the people in the community help as well,” said Engleman, who worked as the case manager at the Salvation Army in Waynesboro for 33 years.

Now in retirement, she is still active as a volunteer, still serving as a focal point for the delivery of emergency services to the needy in Waynesboro and Augusta County.



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Story by Chris Graham



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