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Tips on how to date someone who has been single for a while


newspaperThere are different causes why people stay single for a long time. Some of them can’t find an ideal partner and decide to quit their searches one day and live a happy single life. Others can’t get back into the dating game after a bitter breakup, divorce, or the death of their partner.

However, sooner or later a new person appears in the life of a single woman or man. Living alone for quite a while people get focused on their needs and live their lives the way they want. If you’re about to date an experienced single, you should know what to expect from them and how to react to their behavior. We and RuBrides.com Agency prepared the tips below to help you.

They make decisions on their own. They have become used to doing everything on their own without asking anybody. You should keep that in mind and don’t get offended if at first your date does something without letting you know. Those who have lived alone for years need to get used to a thought that now there is somebody else in their life.

They don’t want to rush things. The experienced singles will take their time and won’t go out of their way to marry you as soon as possible. They would prefer being friends at first and hang out from time to time.

Their friends might be biased towards you. Your date’s friends will be overprotective first and will doubt you extensively. This is due to the fact that they don’t want your date to be hurt.

They won’t let you help them.  Single people don’t need external assistance because they are used to taking care of themselves. Again, don’t get offended by such treatment. The things will change soon.

They want to stay independent. If you notice that your date is reserved enough and don’t seem like falling for you at once, keep calm and be patient. The experienced singles are too experienced to rush into something serious right from the start. Deep down they don’t want to lose that independence that single life offers.

They need to realize it’s getting serious. Again, don’t be over-assertive. Singles don’t like when their boundaries are crossed so give your date the feel of absolute freedom.

They will be in doubts as to your intentions. They will probably wish they could read your mind and figure out how you feel about them. They’ve been indifferent for too long because the only person whose feelings mattered for them were themselves and they were always aware of how they felt. Now, your feelings are on their radar.

They will be defensive at first. Again, they will put their armor off once they realize you are the right person. What can you do on your part is just to be patient.

They are not going to confide in you at first. Generally, it takes most people a few dates to get to know a person better and decide whether they can trust this person. It’s a bit more complicated with the experienced singles who have been out of a dating scene for too long. They don’t want to open up to a stranger.

They will keep their weaknesses in secret. Single people want to come across as strong and independent. They want to create an image of a self-sufficient person who is always doing great. They are carefully hiding their weaknesses in order not to seem vulnerable. Give your date the feel that you are there to listen to their troubles and give your support.

They may seem like they don’t need you. And it may turn you off. Such an attitude may be a protective response. On your part, you should do your best to melt your date’s heart by being sincere and courteous. Your aim should be to make your date want you.

They have a lot of fears.  The experienced singles are afraid of falling in love and being hurt again. You should know that to understand their caution.

They cherish their comfort zone. Single people become comfortable being alone with time. Even when they decide to start dating again, they want to keep their comfort zone inviolable. Again, respect their independence and don’t demand too much.



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