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The top online games for sports lovers

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No matter how dedicated you are to your sport, playing or watching a game is not always possible. Having hobbies to fill your time in between fixtures can be a great way to enhance your love of a sport and a full an otherwise uneventful time. If you are an avid sports fan, this guide is here to help by showing you some of the best games you can start playing today.

Fantasy sports

No matter if they are football or baseball, fantasy sports are some of the world’s most popular online sports games. In fact, fantasy sports games have been found to be so popular that there have actually been scientific studies that look into why they continue to hold such a devoted fan base. The studies found that the choice of players and the almost endless research possibilities make it a universally beloved game.

If you are interested in fantasy sports, why not set up a league with some of your sports-loving friends?


Soccer is not necessarily the most-watched sport in America, but it is the most popular sport in the world. So, if you have a passion for playing or watching soccer, you might want to try playing FIFA 21 online.

FIFA has dominated the soccer game playing field, and its online game has gained many followers in recent years. With the game card changing each week, providing gamers with the ability to choose from their favorite history players, it is definitely something soccer fans should try.

Sports slots

For some people, what they miss most when they are not watching or playing sports is not the technical skills or the physical activity, but rather the feeling of anticipation and exhilaration. If you find yourself missing the excitement of watching a teeth-clenching sporting fixture, you might want to try out casino slot games. On, there are many different slots to choose from, many of which have sporting themes.

It is important to note that any casino game can be addictive; anyone with a history of addiction, especially gambling addiction, should avoid this style of game.


If you miss being out in the open air and spending time in nature, you might want to check out Steep. Steep is an open-world game that is set in the Alps. The players are free to explore this vast environment by skiing, paragliding, snowboarding, or using wingsuit flying.

The game has recently launched a new expansion that focuses more on extreme sports, for which you can even compete in the Winter Olympics. You can explore the endless open world in Steep; you can practice your tricks or even compete against your friends for a fun and satisfying playing experience.

Golf with your friends

If you miss playing sports with your friends, the best solution might be to play Golf With Your Friends. You can play with up to eleven friends in a series of fun-themed mini golf courses. They are some fun features, such as power-ups that even allow you to freeze your opponent’s ball, which helps to make the golfing experience a little more exciting.


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