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Separating cryptocurrency as investment from cryptocurrency as useful tool


cryptocurrencyIf you find yourself a bit at a loss to understand the various technologies which seem to dominate the conversation in this digital age, you may be completely at sea about the phenomenon known as a cryptocurrency. It probably seems like you can’t get away from hearing or reading news about it, especially lately when it has moved into the mainstream after being stuck in the digital fringes for several years. You might be curious as to what it’s all about, especially when you read stories about people getting rich from being involved with crypto in some form or another. Money is a universal language, so the idea of getting involved you is probably tempting.

That’s why it’s a good idea to understand a little bit more about cryptocurrency, because not only can you profit from it, but you also benefit from it by using it in your own life. There are two distinct personalities which cryptocurrency inhabits. On the one hand, it is a legitimate method of currency, by which you can send or receive money to others who have the same coins as you. On the other hand, it is also an investment vehicle, which operates in much the same way as stocks, bonds, or any other investment property in which you might be involved. Understanding where these lines diverge and intersect will help you wrap your head around the cryptocurrency phenomenon.

If you’re interested in the investment side of cryptocurrency, Ethereum Code can get you started, allowing a program to make the trades for you and you to sit back and watch as the profits rise. As for the different sides of cryptocurrency, here is an easy primer.

The Currency

If you are in possession of a certain type of cryptocurrency coin, you can make a purchase with it, just like you would with cash or credit cards, assuming that the seller has the capability to receive it. That requires a digital wallet, which can be a piece of software or a physical wallet with digital capabilities. Such payments can be done with no intervention on behalf of a third party, allowing for quickness and cheapness in the transaction.

The Investment

Cryptocurrency coins rise and fall in value depending on the principles of supply and demand. All currencies have this characteristic, but cryptocurrency’s prices fluctuate a bit more actively, making it act more like a traditional investment.

The Intersection

Imagine that you have a digital wallet and receive payment from someone who carries digital coins that you use. You can benefit from the convenience of that setup. Then imagine that the coins you received suddenly rise in value. In that way, you are benefitting from the coins as a type of investment. That’s just one way that cryptocurrency can provide a kind of dual benefit for those who are either adopters or investors.

While the concept of cryptocurrency can seem baffling at a distance, closer inspection reveals an approachable idea. And it’s an idea that can really make a difference in your financial life.



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