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Seller guide to Amazon FBA fees

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How much does it cost to start a business on Amazon? This is one of the most common questions that interest those who are going to launch their online business on the American platform.

How much does it cost to start a business on Amazon? This is one of the most common questions that interest those who are going to launch their online business on the American platform. The answer to this question can help determine the right approach to any business. It is always important to fully understand what exactly will need to be spent: the product itself, packaging and delivery of the product, advertising, promotions, services, warehouses, staff, etc.

At the end of April 2020, when Amazon’s performance on the exchanges reached another peak, the company announced a decrease in commission (up to 80%) for partner sites in more than half of all categories. In such large categories as Home Improvement, Lawn & Garden, Pets Products, the commission has decreased from 8% to 3%.

If you want to work with the FBA program, you need to put in an additional amount to pay for various fees like Amazon FBA removal fees so they do not reduce the profit from your business. If you are not ready for this, your profits may simply slip away from you. Therefore, SageSeller advises carefully study all types of FBA tariffs and their application to your specific case before getting down to business.

Everyone can estimate the profit on Amazon even before the goods are shipped. All Amazon calculators work on the same algorithm and have the same FBA Amazon tariffs; so, the results are approximately the same, differing only in their interface. All data obtained on any FBA calculator for Amazon are estimates and not final calculation results. With their help, you can only estimate your costs and understand whether your idea for your product has some kind of commercial success or not.

Types of Amazon fees and their features

Selling on Amazon fee

This is a pay for sale on the Amazon platform. To sell on the Amazon marketplace, you pay referral and closing fees.

Monthly storage fee

This is the monthly cost of storing a unit of goods in the seller’s warehouse. This type of fee is calculated based on the volume of the product. This typically covers the fixed costs of operating the warehouse, including depreciation, utilities, and other fees.

To determine the tariffs for fulfillment and warehousing, FBA divides goods according to their size into two general categories. The size of the product means not only the product itself but also its packaging.

Sales commissions

Amazon sellers also have to account for a separate commission, namely, sales commission. It is charged separately from the FBA fees. Sales commissions are always charged to Amazon sellers, whether they use the FBA service or not.

Amazon FBA removal fees

Entrepreneurs working with Amazon are not immune from situations when they need to remove their products from the warehouse of the electronic platform. To perform such a procedure, you should know its essence and the procedure of removing from Amazon. You will also have to pay a special FBA fee if you want to remove your item from the Amazon warehouse or dispose of an unsold item in any way.

There are various ways to remove goods from Amazon:

  • Creating a “My removal” request or a special request to remove an item
  • Using a special Recommended Removal Report
  • Setting up automatic deletion
  • Removing a product that includes several types of goods in one step, called Bulk Removal.

How can SageSeller help your Amazon business?

SageSeller will help you to reduce the percentage of the cost of paying for the services of this marketplace. By contacting this service, you will find professional consulting on all issues related to the delivery and sale of goods on Amazon.

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