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Rasoul raises issue with escalating war spending

Item by Chris Graham
[email protected]

Nearly a trillion dollars. That’s what Congress and the Bush administration have committed to the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan in the past seven years with the passage this week of another supplemental wartime spending bill.

It’s “wasteful spending,” said Sam Rasoul, the Sixth District Democratic Party congressional nominee.

“Unsound fiscal decisions are causing our country to go further into debt and American taxpayers will feel the burden far into the future. We should instead place priority on ensuring all Americans have health care and lowering energy costs,” Rasoul said.

Rasoul did offer commendation for two parts of the wartime appropriations bill – one authorizing U.S. Sen. Jim Webb’s New GI Bill expanding the educational-benefits program for post-9/11 service veterans and the second authorizing funds for flood relief in the Midwest.

“While I am unsatisfied with the war spending portion of the bill, I commend Congress for keeping its promises to our veterans and providing Americans with necessary relief after environmental devastation,” Rasoul said. “This is another example of our government in Washington refusing to completely solve a problem. Overall this bill has noble intentions, but the end result is pure fiscal irresponsibility.



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