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Peering into the Crystal Ball …

Winners and Losers column by Chris Graham
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PUSH: Waynesboro voters continue to send mixed message
The River City mirrors America – split right down the middle in the November bond referendum, the voters send a mix of conservatives and progressives to city council in May, thus guaranteeing more 3-2 splits on the issues of the day.
ASCENDING: Waynesboro West End development
HOLDING PATTERN: Staunton muddling through solution to Waynesboro’s ascension

PUSH: Ganging up
We’re still no closer to figuring out whether we really have a gang problem in the Valley.
If you read the papers or watch the evening news, you’d think it was pretty clear.
But you continue to have to ask yourself – if this is all it is …
ASCENDING: Resolution to obscenity issue in Staunton
HOLDING PATTERN: Teen-pregnancy problem, I-81
DESCENDING: Fix for meth crisis, solution to education ills

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