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Letter: Candidates have to be seen and heard


The 20th District of the Virginia House of Delegates election is November 7, 2017.

letterThe candidates for the election are Mr. Richard Bell, the republican candidate and current member of the house of delegates since 2009; and Ms. Michele Edwards, the Democratic candidate, who believes good public education, job creation, and business are the solution to poverty. Both, by their stated education and experiences seem to have somewhat similar credentials for the office.

Recently I have read media articles where Ms. Edwards has publically articulated her positions on issues from the tragedy in Charlottesville; current changes in education policies; thoughts about the significant changes to healthcare and Medicaid (which effects a large number of the voters in the 20th District), and our economic development. Unfortunately, I have failed to read or see or hear statements relevant to these important issues on the part of Mr. Bell.

I encourage, and urge both candidates to engage in a conversation and agree to have an open and public debate of these issues to help the voters hear, see and listen to the candidates explain their plans making the 20th District and Virginia as good as it can be.

With the critical issues we face in Virginia, it is truly important and helpful to be able to see the candidates openly explain their positions for the voters. I can think of no reason why either of the candidates would be opposed to such an opportunity.

Let the candidates provide openly, in public, not only where they stand on concerns and issues, but also how they will work to create the best government we can have that supports all citizens of the 20th District.

We cannot make such important decisions as selecting our Delegate to Richmond with a blindfold or in a fog. It is the responsibility of both delegates to help us make the best decision.

There is more than enough time before the election to have at least one such forum.

Hopefully, the local news media will help promote such a debate.

Letter from Robert Meixner/Staunton



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