news josh throneburg tv ad lonely puts focus on how bob good agenda attacks family core

Josh Throneburg TV ad, ‘Lonely,’ puts focus on how Bob Good agenda attacks family core

Josh Throneburg
Josh Throneburg

The campaign of Fifth District Democratic congressional nominee Josh Throneburg has released its first TV ad, “Lonely,” which will run in the Charlottesville and Roanoke-Lynchburg markets.

“Lonely” introduces Josh’s family and walks through the ways in which Republican incumbent Bob Good’s policy agenda would have prevented the Throneburg family from coming into being.

Throneburg’s wife, Minhee, is Korean-American and immigrated to the U.S. from Canada. Besides his push to radically curtail immigration to the US, Rep. Good has also voted against the Respect for Marriage Act, which (among other things) codifies protection for interracial marriage.

The Throneburgs’ older daughter Lucy is Black and was adopted from Haiti after the Haitian earthquake. Good has objected to immigration by non-white, non-English speaking refugees, arguing that they should relocate to places where they “fit in better culturally and….ethnically and so forth.”

Good has sponsored a bill to limit family-sponsored immigration visas (HR 4050) and has been a hard-line opponent of immigration, voting against almost every bill that would have loosened immigration restrictions and repeatedly voting against allowing asylum-seekers and refugees to enter the US.

The couple’s younger daughter, Agnes, was born with the aid of IVF. Good is a principal sponsor of the Life At Conception Act (HR 1011), which defines life as beginning at the moment of conception. This complicates IVF, a process where multiple embryos are created, but not all develop into full-term pregnancies.

Josh For VA – TV Ad from Josh for Virginia on Vimeo.

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