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Is email marketing effective in 2021?

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Advertising via email has been a huge part of digital marketing strategies. And, while plenty of professionals predicted its swift downfall several years ago, the COVID-19 outbreak gave email marketing campaigns a new lease of life.

It’s a little too early to write emails off. But, to stay relevant in 2021, marketing experts and their clients need to understand the newest email marketing trends and tendencies, as well as what this kind of advertising is about.

What is email marketing?

Email marketing is a way to promote your company among the people who can potentially be interested in your services. However, if you’re a new kid on the block, emails can be sent to a diverse group of people unless the team of the email company figures your target audience out.

This type of marketing is a process of sending emails with texts, pictures, and other interactive elements that will attract customers to visit the website, blog, or YouTube channel of the company.

Did it change over the years? Tips and best practices for marketing efforts in 2021

Email marketing tools aren’t the same as they used to be 5, not to say 10 years ago. Even though before the coronavirus pandemic their use has been decreasing, marketers came out with several new trends that are now an essential part of a successful email marketing campaign:

  • The use of artificial intelligence – a modern marketing strategy is impossible without AI. Its use will ensure email automation and more efficient data analysis so that it’ll be easier for the marketing team to create personalized content;
  • Interactive user experience – nowadays it won’t be enough to send a simple promotion text to a customer. Marketing must be engaging and entertaining so that people will spend their time exploring your proposition. Make sure to add aesthetically appealing landing pages, mini-games, interactive buttons, or video content to stay on the creative side of promotion;
  • Personalized email content – private approach is essential in building conversation with your customer. A professional account manager will analyze the groups within the audience of your company based on their hobbies, age, gender, etc. It will allow using relevant subject lines and content for your email list;
  • Updated web design – the majority of people in 2021 use mobile devices to check their inbox messages. This is the reason why it’s important to optimize the design and make it user-friendly on both desktops and mobiles. This way, your clients won’t hesitate to return to the web page of the company.

Is email marketing on top?

Sending ads via emails has always been effective. Of course, the degree of its efficiency relies highly on the proficiency of your email marketers.

Contemporary and relevant email marketing strategy is nothing like it used to be several years ago. Yes, this form of advertising is still on top when speaking of engaging the target audience with your product and services. However, the most complicated step is to find a professional digital marketing agency to achieve a high ROI by running successful social media marketing and email campaigns.

In Canada, businesses develop their online presence at a spectacular rate, and Toronto is a place at the forefront of this process. Here, business owners can find plenty of companies to launch a cost-effective marketing strategy. As for email marketing, Toronto has plenty of IT services to offer as well.

In conclusion

Email marketing services came back to their full strength after the outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic. As more and more customers now prefer online shopping, any business needs to build relationships with their target audiences via messaging.

Today,  many new practices allow business owners to get more email subscribers, thus more clients. Naturally, it’s hard for owners to keep an eye on every aspect of their businesses. In this case, they can ask for the assistance of a digital marketing agency from Canada, Toronto included, in spreading your unique brand voice via emails.

Not only will the agency provide relevant marketing insights and business services but, given the experience of its team, it will do it with quality.

Story by Debra Johnson



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