newsinvestment group purchases personna industrial division verona plant to remain operational continue to provide 150 jobs

Investment group purchases Personna Industrial Division: Verona plant to remain operational, continue to provide 150 jobs


augusta-county2editsToday, Edgewell Personal Care of St. Louis  announced the sale of its Personna Industrial Division (formerly American Safety Razor) of Verona to an investment group with deep roots and history in the industry.

The new company will be called AccuTec Blades, Inc., which reflects the precision and accuracy of the products while underscoring the company’s history of quality and technical excellence.

Rick Gagliano, President and Chief Executive Officer of AccuTec Blades said, “I’m proud to have been involved in this transaction, and I’m excited to see the legacy of this plant continue in Augusta County.”  “We look forward to the bright future of this company,” added Gagliano.

“We are very proud to have the Personna, GEM, and American Line brands, all well-known brands, to service our ongoing specialty, medical and professional business units,” said Bob Senesac, Director of Marketing for AccuTec Blades.

With the sale of the Verona facility saving 150 jobs in Augusta County, the announcement is welcomed in the local community.  “Augusta County is thrilled with the purchase of this company.  Saving these jobs is critical to our economy,” said Mike Shull, Chairman of the Augusta County Board of Supervisors.

“This transaction means that Augusta County will continue to be home to a long-standing company that has provided jobs in Augusta County for more than sixty years,” said Butch Wells, member of the Augusta County Board of Supervisors and representative of the Beverley Manor District where the facility is located.  “Not only has American Safety Razor directly benefited our community for more than half a century, but numerous spin-off companies have emerged in the greater Augusta County area as a result of this manufacturing operation and its entrepreneurial employees.”

Tracy Pyles, member of the Augusta County Board of Supervisors who retired from American Safety Razor said, “I retired from American Safety Razor five years ago and I owe everything to ASR.  I couldn’t be happier about this transition and I look forward to new life being breathed into an amazing company.”

AccuTec Blades, Inc. manufactures a wide variety of specialty, medical and professional blades for use in categories including Histology, Food Processing, Fiberglass Manufacturing, Medical Device Manufacturing, Dermatology, Glass Processing, and more. Manufacturing locations include Verona, Virginia and Obregon, Mexico. Visit AccuTec Blades, Inc. at



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