Home Hearing aid: Allow yourself time to adjust to new sounds

Hearing aid: Allow yourself time to adjust to new sounds


hearing healthcareYour new hearing aid will work so well that you may think at first that it’s working too well.

Hard as it is to believe, it can be unnerving for some to learn how many sounds they were missing out on.

It can be so much a shock that some will think that they’d prefer to go back to the way things were.

Don’t let yourself think that is the solution. The key is being patient. You just need to retrain your brain to process the sounds that you’re now able to hear again.

Start by wearing your new hearing aids most of the day and in the following situations:

  • In quiet situations, such as one-on-one conversations in your living room.
  • While listening to the television or radio.
  • In noisier environments such as in a mall or supermarket.
  • On the telephone.
  • With friends or family at home and at your favorite restaurant.

You will notice, to begin with, that many sounds will seem louder than they were before you got your hearing aid. This is perfectly normal and not because your volume has been set too loud. It is because you are hearing sounds that you may not have heard for several years or more.

To assist with this adjustment period, your hearing care professional can set your hearing aid to automatically increase to your full prescription in gradual steps.


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