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Gas prices in several Virginia communities now below $3 per gallon mark

Chris Graham
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Gas prices in Virginia are where they were a year ago, after dropping 27 cents per gallon in the past month, according to AAA.

The average across Virginia is $3.21 a gallon, which is $1.65 per gallon down from the June 14 high of $4.86 per gallon.

From thinking we may hit $5 a gallon, a lot of motorists – in Waynesboro, as we’ve seen, and elsewhere – are already below the $3 a gallon mark, with prices expected to further decline.

There could be a bit of a slowdown in that respect with OPEC+ deciding over the weekend to make further cuts to production in an attempt to boost the global price of oil.

The 2 million barrel-per-day cut by OPEC+ represents about 2 percent of world demand, according to AAA.

In the here and now, U.S. domestic supply is on the increase, and that’s what is pushing the prices you’re paying at the pumper lower.

Ten states now have gas price average below $3 per gallon. Texas is the least expensive state in the country right now with an average of $2.78 per gallon for regular unleaded.

Several Virginia communities now have locality averages below $3 per gallon: Warren County ($2.90), Wythe County ($2.96), Alleghany County ($2.97), and Gloucester County ($2.97).

Chris Graham

Chris Graham

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