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Fender guitar added to list of prizes for WVPT TALENT WAR$


WVPT, the PBS station serving the Shenandoah Valley and Central and Northern Virginia, announced today an added bonus for entering its TALENT WAR$ @wvptonline video contest: the chance to win a Fender Telecaster guitar.

The contest, already offering $6,000 worth of prizes, allows viewers across the state to show off their talents on the web while supporting public television. All entrants, if registered by Nov. 11, will be eligible to win a Fender Telecaster guitar valued at $700. The drawing will beheld Nov. 11 at 11 a.m. and announced on the WVPT Facebook page.

“We’renoticing a lot of musical interest and talent from various entries—classical piano pieces, music videos of various genres and live performances,” said David Mullins, president and general manager of WVPT. “We hope the guitar drawing will bring new entries and keep our viewers engaged and excited about the competition.”

TALENT WAR$ now includes more than 20 uploaded talent videos, four of which were entered over the weekend. Following the drawing until Jan. 3, 2012, contestants can upload videos to a secure website and invite their friends, family and the general public to vote for them. Winners will be announced the first week of January.

As of July 1, state funding for public broadcasting decreased, resulting in a loss of more than $200,000 for WVPT. Mullins said TALENT WAR$ @wvpt is a way for the station to reach out modestly for support while offering the opportunity for viewers to showcase their talents.

“By raising support from our communities, we’re helping ensure that we can continue to deliver the valued programs and services that we’ve provided for the last 43 years,” he said.

Viewers are encouraged to submit a video of their talent to WVPT by posting it on the station’s secure contest website. Anyone can view the videos, select their favorite and “vote” for the video by making a donation to WVPT via the website.  Every dollar “donated” equals one “vote” for the video. The three participants with the most $1 “votes” by the conclusion of the contest will win a first place award of $3,000, a second place award of $2,000 and a third place award of $1,000.

To enter TALENT WAR$ @wvpt or view current entries, visit talentwars.wvpt.net.



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