Colin Cowherd: This Zima’s for you

Colin Cowherd: This Zima’s for you


cowherdWhy anybody listens to, watches or considers Colin Cowherd qualified to do more than wipe other people’s asses is beyond comprehension, but he was back at kneecapping UVA today.

At least this time he picked a fight with the relevant sport on Grounds.

“Rooting for UVA bb is rooting for pleated khakis,” Cowherd tweeted today. Funny, considering dude is the poster boy for pleated khakis.

Same as it was funny that he ranted a while ago about UVA football fans being “daiquiri drinking” “weinees” who chug Zimas at tailgates.

Look at that guy. Seriously. “Weinee” is generous. Half a Zima, and he’s dozing off on the couch with his hand down his pants.

“Actively rooting against Virginia. Watchable basketball dies a little each time they win,” he tweeted.

Again, funny. The Deuce and ESPNU used to be watchable, before they called up the backup weekend guy from Pretty Boy, USA.

“If Virginia wins it promotes slow down hoops. I root for better bb for the long term.”

And we root for better trolling for the long term. Seriously, hashtagging your troll tweets #firecolin? That reeks of desperation, not to mention vintage Brut and dandruff shampoo.

“It’s not trolling when you deeply believe in something. I believe UVA bb style is bad for coll bb.”

Same as we believe you probably are qualified to wipe other people’s asses, upon reflection.

– Column by Chris Graham



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