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Your coin bucket can support the Salvation Army


salvation armyJason Perdieu with the Salvation Army is gearing up for his 48-hour marathon session ringing the bell at the Red Kettle in front of the Wal-Mart in Waynesboro beginning at 11 a.m. Wednesday.

This is pretty much par for the course for my good friend Jason, who has yet to meet a publicity stunt on behalf of the Army that he wasn’t willing to subject himself to being a part of.

Hey, at least the weather forecast isn’t as brutal as it could be this time of year, right?

Another friend, who asked me not to single her out by name, raised an issue with the effort, and the limitations in this day and age for the Red Kettle campaign in general.

The continued growth in the use of bank and credit cards to pay for purchases means we have less in terms of change and small bills to drop in the kettles on our way in and out of stores.

Which is a good point. I rarely have cash or change on my person, to talk like how they write police reports.

My friend who wishes to remain nameless said she puts her small change in a bucket at home, and in her case, she’s been collecting loose change for years.

Instead of going to the local Coin Star to cash them in, she’s going to lug her bucket o’ coins out to Wal-Mart to support Jason’s marathon ringing session.

Good plan, I said, and I’d happily suggest than others out there reading this who collect their loose change similarly to follow suit.

Column by Chris Graham



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