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CIT GAP Funds invests in TypeZero Technologies


cit fundsCIT GAP Funds has invested in TypeZero Technologies, LLC, an early-stage medical technology company with a proprietary intelligent control system that improves the safety, outcomes and quality of life for patients with Type 1 and Type 2 diabetes.  CIT GAP Funds led TypeZero’s seed round, which included several other investors.

TypeZero’s core technology is a proprietary software platform that integrates data from approved medical devices in an intelligent, interoperable network for safer, more effective blood glucose management.  This system, often known as an “artificial pancreas,” transforms the patient’s role in managing his or her blood glucose from hour-to-hour, active decision making and modification to periodic supervision of a trustworthy, automated, intelligent system.

“TypeZero is led by a management and scientific team that is commercializing the pioneering inventions created at the University of Virginia’s (U.Va.) Center for Diabetes Technology and bringing them to market as quickly as possible,” said Pete Jobse, CIT President and CEO. “These are the types of companies and people that are leading innovation in Virginia.”

In addition to its artificial pancreas software platform, TypeZero is developing a suite of cloud based applications and analytical services, which utilize its core algorithms to provide risk analysis, prediction, clinician advice, patient support and training for patients, caregivers, clinicians and insurers.  In the U.S., an estimated 29 million people (9.3 percent  of the population) have been diagnosed with diabetes and it is estimated that more than 86 million Americans have pre-diabetes.  Of the 29 million, there are more than 1.5 million individuals who have been diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes and more than 4.5 million patients have insulin-dependent Type 2 diabetes.  In 2012 alone, the U.S. spent $176 billion in direct healthcare expenses related to the management of diabetes and diabetes complications. TypeZero’s artificial pancreas technology can virtually eliminate hypoglycemia and prevent long-term complications from diabetes by keeping blood glucose close to normal range.

“While there are many companies trying to address the management of diabetes care, TypeZero and U.Va. have created a powerful software platform that provides real-time, actionable intervention to patients in a way that is easily integrated into current mobile devices, thus reducing the significant device burden already present in the state of the art treatment in diabetes management,” said Chad Rogers, TypeZero CEO.

TypeZero is one of many startup companies that have licensed technologies from the University of Virginia’s Licensing and Ventures Group (LVG).  “These companies are advancing critical research and medical discoveries to global markets and to patients in need,” said Michael P. Straightiff, LVG’s executive director. “TypeZero has the potential to reshape how Type 1 and Type 2 diabetes are treated and holds the promise of giving patients more control over the management of their disease. CIT’s investments in U.Va. technologies are helping to ensure that companies like TypeZero have the resources needed to bring creative solutions to market.”

The CIT GAP Funds has invested over $16 million to help develop nearly 130 high-growth new startups, which were then able to attract an additional $286 million in private equity investments.  For more information on the CIT GAP Funds, click here.



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