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Chris Graham: Declaring war on Bowe Bergdahl


Democrat vs. Republican on whiteThe nonsense over Bowe Bergdahl, who Republicans for years wanted President Obama to do something to free from his Taliban captors, then cried foul over when Obama actually did, says a lot about where our national discourse is right now.

In the crapper.

A Democrat does something, and Republicans launch the latest version of World War III. Remember the nonsense after the delivery of justice to Osama bin Laden, supposed Public Enemy #1, whom Republicans overlooked to start the war they really wanted all along in Iraq? That Obama had nothing to do with it, and anyway, he still wasn’t born here and is secretly a Muslim.

The racist crap is coming out again in the Bergdahl story, strangely aimed at the soldier’s father, Bob, who grew a long beard in solidarity with his son’s captivity, and was called out for the beard this week by an idiot Fox commentator because the beard made him look like a member of the Taliban.

I don’t know why those beards are in vogue these days (two words: “Duck Dynasty”), but throwing stones at a father whose son was in enemy hands for five years for growing a beard to show solidarity is so far below the belt that it causes knuckles to drag the floor.

To do it for political reasons is unconscionable. And that’s all this is. Because again, these same GOP leaders and conservative commentariat types calling for Obama’s head for authorizing the prisoner exchange that led to Bowe Bergdahl’s release were raking him over the coals as recently as a few weeks ago for doing nothing to secure Bergdahl’s release.

So which is it? Damned if you don’t, damned if you do.

There’s your discourse snapshot. Let’s just hope that Obama isn’t quoted soon agreeing with the notion that two plus two equals four, because we’ll have to endure the inevitable breaking news Republican press conference asserting that nobody authorized getting two and two together in the first place, and that Obama should be impeached for even suggesting it.



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