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Talk about troubling. That’s what the chatter involving the allegations against former Waynesboro City Councilman DuBose Egleston is. Troubling.

Want to know how ridiculous this has gotten? “DuBose has already confessed on video tape,” a commenter on the News Virginian blog who goes by the handle TakeMeSerious wrote this morning, before clarifying that the information came from “the victim and her family.”

“(T)hey say he’s confessed,” TakeMeSerious wrote, before further clarifying that the information about the “confession” came from “a friend of a friend of a friend of the family of the victim.”

OK, then, so what we have here is, well, not much, if not nothing, being dressed up and passed as the God’s honest truth. That and a potshot taken at City Council member Lorie Smith for an innocuous comment she made to the NV in a story in the Sunday paper. “This community better because DuBose is here. We all have difficulties in our lives, and I’m sure he will rise above this,” Smith told NV reporter Tony Gonzalez.

“Smith, are you nuts,” a person self-identified as History Buff wrote. “Saying the community is better off having a person who may have attempted to rape someone. what world do you live in. You should be kicked out of your office because of that comment. What if it was you or your daughter. Your (sic) as sick as this act would have been.”

So the story has turned into fodder for the political grist mill – great! Another comment capped Egleston in the knee for his regular attendance at City Council meetings. “I wonder if he will be at the council meeting this evening taking notes and being nosy as usual!” wrote a person self-ID’d as dswife28.

The alleged victim – unnamed, for obvious reasons, in police and media reports on the incident – has not escaped ridicule.

“I think i know who the girl was and believe me, shes as stupid as DuBose,” our friend History Buff wrote.

“(I)f we’re talking about the same woman, you are correct, she is not too bright. And if it’s who I think it is, she’s also married and has cheated on her husband several times,” wrote a person identified as navydude007.

I continue to be amazed at how much we’re all willing to let ourselves sink into the cesspool.

Sink, hell – we’re doing a collective belly flop.


– Column by Chris Graham



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