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Angela Ferrari on music, healing and being extra ordinary

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Music has the remarkable ability to help people transcend into their happy place. Throughout the history of humanity, it has played an essential role as a means to celebrate, mourn and speak to the soul. From as far back as the observations of Plato to all the research done on music today, there is proof that music’s interactions with the brain impact the brain’s connectivity in several ways to create empathy and self-awareness.

Music’s clinical applications continue to grow, particularly in some rehabilitation programs for people with debilitating brain conditions. Additionally, this research shows its ability to help people reconnect with their inner self is undeniable, especially when listening to their favorite tunes, whether a classical symphony or the latest melody by a currently famous artist.

Angela Ferrari found the strength to break out of the confines of the corporate world and follow her dream of becoming a singer. Through this transformation, she has not only found acknowledgment in the musical world but went on to create a well-respected company called “Shift,” a revolutionary coaching system that guides people into achieving their dreams.

Finding her calling

”Sometimes it’s deep pain and sometimes it’s incredible bliss,” Ferrari says when asked to describe the central theme of her music. The self-taught musician’s passion for music goes back to when she was just a little girl. Thanks to her father setting up an old speaker and microphone in her room, she sang her heart out while being inspired by musicians like Alanis Morisette, Mariah Carey, Celine Dion, and Whitney Houston.

Ferrari understands the challenges of following your heart. As a teenager, she second guessed the inner calling she felt to pursue music. “It took me a while to learn to trust myself,” she admits. ”People would say being a singer was an unrealistic dream, so I began to doubt what I was feeling.”

Several turning points led Angela Ferrari to achieve her dream of becoming a professional recording artist. The first was taking a leap of faith, leaving behind a well paying corporate job in pursuit of her life-long dream. The other was a solo journey of self-discovery to Bali where she learned that she was the key holder to creating an extraordinary life. And so, she did.

Angela Ferrari, the musician

Angela Ferrari released her debut album “Heartbreak Mixtape” in 2019 receiving rave reviews. She has performed in front of crowds of 70,000 people, opening for multiple famous artists. Her participation in several events surrounding the NFL and Radio Stations Shows are other highlights of her career, proving her theory that the Master Key to happiness is to do what you love.

From a singer to a healer

Angela turned her personal journey of finding success into a method that now guides others to reaching their full potential. ”I discovered something beautiful and figured out a way to put that into a formula that helps others live a life they love. I knew I wasn’t meant to keep it to myself,” Ferrari says. She founded her company, Shift as a means to support others as they leave their comfort zones behind and step into a life they never dreamed was possible.

Angela continues to grow as she now hosts concerts, classes, and events. She incorporates her powerful messages around life’s hidden truths, connection, self-love, and acceptance. The creative musician was able to merge the two worlds of music and the powerful teachings of Shift. “Music grounds the teachings so they can actually be integrated into a way of being, versus just thinking about it,” she explains.

“I don’t believe we’re meant to be put in a box. I am a living example of how anyone can create a life around doing what they love. I intend to become the first rockstar, healer and spiritual teacher merged into one,” Ferrari says with an infectious smile.

Angela Ferrari is unique to say the least. Her concerts are one of a kind as she performs relatable music that is deep and soulful while weaving in profound talks that teach people to create new patterns in their brain allowing them lasting change and transformation.

Furthermore, Ferrari’s dream is to create mass teachings and support for the overwhelming condition of anxiety and depression caused by emotional trauma, making it easier for sufferers to heal. These healings are particularly vital to teaching children the fundamentals of emotional balance, allowing them to express their emotions without fear. She says this is the best way to create better future generations. No doubt, besides using her in-depth coaching techniques, music will play a vital role in how she implements this.

Final say…

Using the power of music to heal is the real deal, and Angela Ferrari has a significant role to play in this. Thanks to her ability to channel the energy of music with her teachings, we can all look forward to seeing her in future concerts… where dreams become reality.

Story by Virginia Sagal



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