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Max Polyakov shares his vision on building an integrated space powerhouse

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The state of integrated space business during COVID-19

Noosphere Venture Partners focus on investments in spaces and satellite sectors. Their portfolio consists of SETS, an electric propulsion systems maker; D-Orbit, an orbital transfer vehicle provider; and Firefly Aerospace. Their ultimate goal is to create an integrated space business ecosystem. They appear to disrupt the industry by offering a one-stop solution at a lower cost for customers.

Max Polyakov admits that COVID-19 has slowed down the implementation of the space company’s strategic plan. Yet, partnerships and acquisitions will continue due to the superior expertise and a proven industry track record. Thus, COVID-19 will have no significant effect on the Noosphere Ventures investment plan. The long-term perspective is still bright and promising in his point of view.

Firefly Aerospace shows promising growth

Dr. Polyakov stated that Firefly would embark soon in 2021. The delays are due to perfecting minor details of the spacecraft. The Firefly’s fundraising is for long-term growth. It has no relation with SPAC activity. Max looks for a partner with a long-term vision, colossal passion, and knowledge of space ventures.

According to Polyakov, the emergence of SPACs might pose some adverse risks for the space industry. It will dump the market with projects that have no physical products. He confirms that a space startup needs to build an actual product before it could go public. SPACs would help speed up the space industry’s growth, but concerns about the quality of the developed product remain.

EOSDA benefits for Environmental, Social, and Corporate Governance (ESG)

The growing concern regarding ESG is an opportunity for EOSDA (Earth Observing System Data Analytics). The satellite launches and data processing will help customers to oversee their business impact on Earth. Polyakov mentions that they plan to create cost-efficient satellites with excellent quality.

Max Polyakov asserts EOSDA has no intention to raise money but rather aims at benefiting humankind. The integrated system will transform the business landscape. It will help many sectors such as agriculture, mining, forestry, and real estate. He hopes the company’s effort in disrupting the business model for numerous areas will create a better world.


Noosphere Ventures Partners based in Silicon Valley combines technology and business for efficient work. The company focuses its investment on the space sector.

They created EOSDA in 2015 and expanded their business by acquiring space companies. Noosphere’s acquisition of Firefly Aerospace has saved the rocket manufacturer from failure.

Firefly Aerospace aims to become one of its best investments. Their first orbital launch vehicle has attracted many investors in the space industry. At the same time, EOSDA would orbit the first SAR (Synthetic Aperture Radar) and Optical Spacecraft.

In the COVID-19 era, many business sectors have slowed down and even came to an end. Max Polyakov and his strategy to expand the business in the space industry is considered a long-lasting prospect. The company keeps tracking the progress to have significant benefits for Noosphere Ventures.

Story by Neil Morris

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