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Live in peace: 7 simple ways to help secure your home

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One of the most popular lawsuit stories in Philly would be the story of Terrence Dickson.

Remember him?

The robber who broke into a home in Bristol, attempting to steal while the homeowners were, but who got locked in the house, and charged the house owner later to court. He claimed the event caused him undue mental anguish. And the jury awarded him a settlement claim of $500 000.

Ok, we’re not here to recount old, odd stories but to remind homeowners of the importance of safeguarding their homes at all costs.

No one is saying your house is about to be burgled but to ensure that never happens, follow these simple tips.

7 simple ways to help secure your home

1. Secure the doors

The door is always the first target point for intruders and burglars. This should be your first fix if you’re looking to safeguard your home.

So, when is your door due for a fix?

  1. A) When you notice the lockset is loose on the door
  2. B) When the key won’t fit into the lock easily
  3. C) Closes and opens with difficulty
  4. D) Makes a lot of noise
  5. E) Feels hollow when tapped
  6. f) Peeling paint or shaky hinges

If you discover your door is showing any of these signs, quickly call a door repair service or a locksmith near me if the issue is lock and key related.

2. Change the keys

Did someone break in recently? Did you just move into the house recently? Are you still using the same keys the last occupant passed on to you?

If so, then you need to get the locks changed or rekeyed immediately.

If you’ve recently had a break-in, chances are the intruders still have a means of coming in again. If you just moved in, chances are there are other sets of the same key flying around.

To protect your home, get a locksmith Philadelphia service to come and rekey your locks or have them changed completely.

3. Always keep windows locked

One terrible mistake many homeowners make is forgetting to lock their windows at night or when going out.

I know because I’m also guilty of this.

You pull out your window to let some fresh air in during the day. Then at night, when you’re about to sleep, you forget to pull it back in. You slide open your window early in the morning while dressing for work. Then suddenly, you check the time and realize you’re running late. Out of haste, you rush out of the house, forgetting to slide the window back up.

Doing this is like sending a free invite to intruders and burglars.

For your own safety and the safety of your property, always check that your windows are locked at all times.

4. Keep the spare safe

For many reasons, homeowners always get spare keys to their houses. Usually, these keys are kept outside of the house to facilitate easy entry if the homeowner or other occupants get locked out.

There is really nothing wrong with this. However, having a spare key becomes a big deal when you don’t have the right plans in place for its safekeeping.

To prevent your spare key from falling into the wrong hands, have a professional locksmith work out a pin-access storage box for storing keys. You can then stick this box on the wall somewhere in the yard or just behind the building.

5. Install outdoor sensor lights

Outdoor sensor light is a modern security system that displays the world outside your house. Want to stay on top of your home security detail? Have this installed, and you’ll spot an intruder the moment they set their feet in your compound.

6. Don’t forget the garage door

If you remember the Terrence Dickson story of 1998 well enough, you’ll recall that it was the garage door failing to open that trapped the thief.

That is just a quick reminder of how much security a garage door can provide. Depending on your pocket, you should invest in a keyed garage door or a remote-controlled one today.

7. Install cameras and security systems

Finally, the last piece of the puzzle is security camera installation. This helps you stay on top of your home security situations even when you’re away from the house.

With most modern security camera systems, you could monitor your home from anywhere in the world, get notified when something is about to go wrong, and set triggers to ward off intruders.

Story by Uday Tank

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