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Key advantages of outsourcing Office 365 email encryption setup

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Office 365 encryption setup is the answer to the modern-day requirement of sending encrypted emails that contain sensitive information. Familiar by its acronym, OME, this email encryption technology is a major boost to email security. In a nutshell, OME enables sending encrypted emails across and outside the organization. IT admins setup encryption conditions which a user must fulfil while sending a mail. To open the email, recipients will either get a one-time passcode, sign into their Microsoft account, or sign into their work or school account associated with Office 365.

However, an effective usage of this email encryption services has often been derailed owing to inaccuracies in the initial setup. Challenges are faced in the form of recipients not being able to decrypt incoming messages. Office 365 email encryption setup can be a complex process for a user not having god IT background. Thereby it is essential that the task is supplemented with the expertise of third-party service providers. On this note, here’s looking at the top advantages of outsourcing office 365 email encryption setup.

Seamless email migration from exchange servers

A third party office 365 email encryption setup service provider has the right kind of tools to transfer contacts, calendars, emails in a bulk from users’ mailboxes to the Office 365 server. Mailbox migration is done in three ways which are:

  • Cutover migration – migration of all mailboxes at once
  • Staged migration – migration of mailboxes in limited batches.
  • Hybrid migration – migration of online and on-premises mailboxes in limited batches eventually over time.

Tool suites to cut down costs and complexities

An easy answer to this challenge is to include TLS connections to office 365 encryption. But this entails additional costs and management complexities in using the email encryption service. Qualified office 365 email encryption setup service providers provide cloud-based tool suites to boost the email archiving, make it more secure, and ensure continuity. These tools protect emails with sensitive information that can be easily sent and received even without a TLS encryption. These tools effectively cut down the expenses and the associated complexities of business email management.

IMAP-enabled email systems to enable seamless email transfer

Service providers use Internet Message Access Protocol (IMAP) to transfer user emails from Exchange,, Gmail, and others which support IMAP migration. This kind of migration involves the movement of only the content in inboxes and other mail folders such as contacts, calendar, among others.

Email import from mailboxes

Outsourced office 365 email encryption setup service providers will bring robust assistance for employees to seamlessly import contacts, emails, and other data from their individual mailboxes to the Office 365 server. They also assist in moving exchange public server folders to the Office 365 server while ensuring utmost safety.

Support after migration

To ensure optimal and effective usage of the email encryption service, third-party vendors offer robust post-migration service to help their clients avoid any kind of complications.


Third-party office 365 email encryption set service providers have extensive knowledge of Microsoft technologies like Office 356, Microsoft SharePoint, Microsoft Dynamics 365, Microsoft Exchange Microsoft Azure, Microsoft Exchange, and others. This makes them an ideal choice as a partner to mitigate any kind of complexities that a client can potentially face after or before an office 365 email encryption setup.

Story by Prashant Kumar

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