Interactive gaming – what does the future hold?

Future Paths for Interactive Gaming

“We should all be concerned about the future because we will have to spend the rest of our lives there,” so said inventor Charles Kettering in 1940. Increasingly this is as true for our leisure time as it is for any other area of our lives.

With the innovative creations of Kettering and those who followed in his footsteps the tools to make our lives easier have also generated one or two next level forms of entertainment. This is especially so in the area of interactive gaming where the combination of technologies available to developers and economies of scale are bringing exciting new ways to enjoy some futuristic fun.

Tech Giants Awakening a New Dawn?

Of course, at the forefront of this latest revolution in interactive gaming are the formidable tech giants Google and Apple. Both companies have been pumping out cool graphics and causing a stir on social media whilst tickling the ears of tech journalists to prime them for their new game streaming services.

Google’s Stadia has already been impressing reviewers with its impressively low latency and is clearly looking at ways to own its own share of the gaming market. Underlined by the production of its own game controller to compliment use of the platform. Stadia’s performance and versatility is already being recognised as Google’s means to attract streamers.

Though streaming games is not new, the power behind the system means players who enjoy interactive gameplay with real people can fully indulge without needing their own hardware to do the heavy lifting of graphics processing. This also taps in to the increasingly diverse methods of generating revenue through donations or YouTube ads as Stadia will enable players to stream direct to a YouTube live stream.

Experience Becoming Sage Advice

Understanding how the future of interactive gaming might develop can be a bit of a shot in the dark. However, looking at the care and attention that online slots, and online casinos in general, pay to players can offer some useful insights which the new contenders, such as Google appear to have been adopting.

This combination of needs where players want the responsive environment of playing with real people in real time is something that has been core to some of the best casinos and new slot games, which you can read more about at

The introduction of chat rooms, live assistants and even live action footage from the games and of other players in a room all add to the unique ambiance that makes a player feel like they have some influence over the game. In this respect, interactive gaming is beginning to live up to its name where players are part of the narrative, rather than merely spectators to an event that is being enacted in front of them.

People Are Reading More Online

One of the most unexpected developments has been the rise in popularity of mobile interactive novels. Whilst it might be intuitive to think that leisure through a screen means movies and animated action, it seems that more and more are opting for good old fashioned “choose your own adventures”. With the additional benefit of added graphics, sound effects and plots that can be updated or released in a serial fashion. It seems that good storytelling can still manage to capture the hearts and minds of screen junkies everywhere.

As well as choosing the many elements of your character, much as one would do in any role play game, the avenues and choices that can be made are significantly more than could be contained within the confines of a paperback book. This means that the plots can twist and turn in a myriad of ways giving a truly immersive sense of being part of the action.

The Reanimation of VR

Where would any discussion of interactive games be without some mention of virtual reality? For many years the technology seemed to be akin to controlled nuclear fusion, always just out of reach and on the horizon. Unlike the promise of clean nuclear power, VR has finally made its way into the mainstream. Now haptic suits and multidirectional treadmills such as those seen in Ready Player One have arrived to accompany the stunningly surreal applications being developed for VR.

With headsets coming down in price, developers are taking more and more interest in the possibilities for immersive entertainment. With the ability to connect players from across the globe in a single virtual or real room, the possibilities are endless.

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