How to increase truck driver retention during shortage

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Truck drivers are the foundations of many industries. They transfer goods from one place to another, making it possible for businesses to operate at ease. However, according to The IRU — an international supply chain group that counts members such as the Canadian Trucking Alliance and American Trucking Associations – there is a truck driver shortage worldwide.

It can be challenging to recruit and retain truck drivers due to the nature of the job. From the aging workforce to the lack of new member interest, many factors contribute to the shortage. Although businesses that need truck drivers cannot influence how many people join the industry, here are things you can do to retain truck drivers that work for you.

Provide drivers with truck worth their while

A truck driver spends the majority of his time inside a truck. Providing your workers with a truck that is uncomfortable or doesn’t work correctly might motivate them to work for you. Look into new and used trucks for sale to find a suitable vehicle. Providing drivers with a transport worth their while might inspire them to work for you.

Allowing drivers to use efficient trucks will also increase their productivity and save time lost for vehicle repairs. You can choose the truck based on your budget and requirements, but keeping the driver’s comfort in find will allow you to retain more drivers in the long term.

Give more incentives than wage bump

Although important is the most critical factor for many employees, it is not always enough to satisfy them. Monetary compensation might not always help you retain a truck driver, especially if they don’t feel valued at work.

Start a rewards program or provide incentives when they accomplish a particular task. It could include a free meal, a generous gift, or time off. Using different methods will allow you to understand what makes your employees happy.

Prioritize mental & physical health

Driving a truck all day is a challenging task. It can affect the driver’s mental and physical health. As an employer, you must prioritize any health issues they face. Whether they ask for health insurance to cover costs or time off to recover, providing them with either will help them feel valued.

If your employees aren’t in good health, their productivity is likely to suffer and impact your company’s reputation. Putting their health first will help your organization while keeping the driver happy.

Let the drivers voice their concerns

Sometimes, the best way to figure out how to increase driver retention is by allowing the drivers to tell you what to do. Truckers go through many hurdles daily. You don’t have to provide them with everything they want. However, actively seeking feedback will allow you to know what is on their mind. They might have opinions on matters that could transform their work experience.

You could run anonymous surveys, feedback forms or hold meetings where everyone can collaboratively discuss—hearing out the drivers will encourage them to be more open and likely to increase the retention rate.

The truck driver shortage is a growing concern in the industry and also hamper many business functions. Using strategic methods to increase driver retention might eventually solve the shortage crisis.

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