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How to beat the slots

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Beating the slots might sound like a mission impossible. At the end of the day slots is a game where the outcome is based on random combinations. It’s all about luck. So how can you beat the machine?

The truth is, you cannot – at least not statistically. Place a bet every day for the rest of your life and you are very likely to lose more than you win. Statistically speaking. Looking at the numbers we conclude that playing slots should be for the fun of it, not to get rich. Still, some people get lucky and here’s the point: there are ways to increase your chances to beat the slots.

Check the payout percentage

The payout percentage is also known as return to player. This is the amount of cash that is routinely paid out to all players as a group. Let’s say all players spend $100 000 in a day and the return to player rate is at 95, then $95 000 of that money will be paid back to the players. Usually the payout goes from around 80 to 98 per cent.

Here, it’s important to realize that the distribution among players is not even. Some will not get more than a few pennies back. Others will get a quite massive payout.

Still, playing on slots with a high payout percentage increases your chances to get more of what you pay back from the machine.

Play to win small jackpots

Some slots promise huge jackpots. Other have a different approach: they provide frequent but not so big jackpots. Those machines are called low-variance slot machines or low-volatility slot machines. If you play on one of these you are more likely to win, although you will likely not become a millionaire. This kind of slot machines are also more fun to play since there’s always something going on.

Play in a crowded space

This tip goes for real brick-and-mortar casinos. It’s not unusual for a casino to place a noisy machine with high winning chances in a crowded place, such as the entrance. The frequent wins and the sounds are meant to draw more people into the casino. Play one of those “marketing” machines and you might slightly increase your chances to win.

Choose fixed-jackpot machines

Jackpot machines with fixed jackpots have no communication with other slot machines. This is likely to be to your advantage. Progressive jackpots on the other hand connect various machines to be able to offer big jackpots. The downside is that the winning frequency is lower because you compete against a large number of other players. If you like to win big – pick the progressive machines. But if you prefer to have a realistic chance of winning, you’re better off choosing a fixed-jackpot machine.

Some final thoughts, it takes tremendous luck to win big in any slot games. Although– you can still have a lot of fun just by playing them and by experiencing the ups and downs of gambling. Have fun, and we wish you all the luck!