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The nature of the term cold email

In the process of launching an email marketing campaign, you might face a variety of problems that even a mail tester cannot cope with. One of them is dealing with cold email delivery.

Cold email delivery is one of the most essential and complicated processes in email marketing. It requires not only a comprehensive level of content writing, but also you have to be aware of creating an effective way for contacting your client base.

The term «cold email» is defined as an initial e-message that is delivered to receivers in order to achieve an effect of bilateral interaction. In brief, when you send a message to someone you are not acquainted with having some purpose is called the cold mailing. There are lots of users who aren’t satisfied with the cold emailing because it hits their privacy. It is actually reasonable, but we shouldn’t forget that cold email delivery is one of the important ways for businesses and companies to make themselves known to other people and suggest them an offer or service. That is why, a cold email should be clear, transparent, and persuasive to allow your potential client to think about your product and later to purchase it. A spam word checker is an innovative tool that provides you with detailed and thorough analysis according to the content of your both general email and cold email templates.

What to choose: A cold email or a cold call?

Nowadays there are a lot of opportunities to reach your prospects. One of them is a cold call when a manager phones directly to a prospect and tells about your product with much more details. However, we advise you not to use this method, because will you be pleased to get a call during your working time from unknown people? Of course, your answer will be «no». Today people tend to get messages in a written form giving themselves time to think about a suggestion and respond to it in a relaxed way.

That is why, statistics show that the average rate of cold calls hardly reaches 2,6%. It can mean that the cold call produces hardly one effective sales conversation that cannot bring success to your company. While cold-emailing is around 40% that is quite powerful for such a type of reaching a potential audience. This number is gained by involving lots of factors such as the quality of your mail content and using correct and effective cold email templates. Besides, almost 90$ of email marketing specialists choose cold emailing rather than cold calling. There are several reasons for it. Firstly, cold emailing is one of the great ways to keep your potential client’s attention much stronger. Secondly, by using this method prospects won`t be perceived as aggressive and invasive callers or representatives of your company. Thirdly, cold mailing ensures that you can achieve double-sided agreements with the help of creative techniques of writing and marketing strategies.

It is important to note that cold messages have a tough connection with email deliverability. Even if you can have a great first email to your potential receiver, the latter one might even see it because of poor email delivery rates. In order to avoid these situations, try to test email delivery with one of the most innovative tools such as spam word checker. It is Folderly`s web product of B2B sales leads generation company which is called Belkins.

So, how can you make a perfect cold email template? Let’s find it out together.

Top 6 actions for making a cold email template successful

If a person begins their own business in the b2b sales, they can face a variety of difficulties in generating potential leads. One of them is creating an effective and successful cold mail template that should contain those elements which have to set a great contact between a recipient and a company. There are TOP 6 actions in order to make your email delivery an effective test for gaining high results. So, fasten your belts, and let’s find them out!

  1. Define your main aim in your emails because your approach has a matter. When you start your email marketing campaign, do not be afraid to have emailing from 2 and up to 6 messages in order to make a deal. Do not forget about three things. Firstly, your content and offer should be clear, transparent, and understandable. Secondly, be honest with your audience. Thirdly, follow the structure (introduction, main body, and conclusion). Besides, make your emails appealing to your target audience.
  2. Acquaint yourself effectively and correctly. Every detail matters. Try to provide to your audience as much information about yourself as needed in order to be credible in front of them. Fill such fields with subject lines, opening lines in a way to make people answer you. Try to figure out how to highlight your simplicity, transparency, and credibility.
  3. Show respect to every prospect, highlight your expertise and assure them that you are good at solving issues.
  4. Don’t claim your sales offer in the first message. Focus not on how much you earned money, but on how many people were rescued by using your tools, or people can reach success with your help. Try to be interesting for the target audience and make them have a deal with you.
  5. Reinforce your message with a call-to-action sentence/word/clause.
  6. Finish your emails with a piece of detailed information in order to answer all potential following questions. Do not forget to write information about your company and attach your contacts.

So, these top 6 actions will help you not only test your email delivery but also set a strong connection between your company and a client. Besides, using Folderly`s website you will find useful tips on how to increase email deliverability rates with the help of an email spam checker.

Conclusion: Cold emailing vs. mail tester

Having read this article, you might come up with some realizations. Reaching b2b goals and stating yourself as sales lead generation takes a bit of time to understand the whole paradigm of the cold emailing process. Nevertheless, we assure you that it is worthy of your resources and time in order to build close relationships with your target audience. Hopefully, this material will simplify your efforts. Do not forget the points which we described earlier:

– Be clear and transparent in your cold emailing. Research and analyze every word because some of them can be marked as spam. Folderly`s email spam tool will help you with checking it and will show you how to improve your email deliverability rates.

– Build a connection with your prospects step-by-step with credibility and respect.

– Reinforce your cold emails with detailed information about your company.

Folderly`s products are a key in order to achieve success even in the cold emailing. Test email delivery with Folderly and figure out what the real email marketing success is.

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