How promotional products change organizational behavior?

Changing organization behavior so that you can enhance job satisfaction, performance, encourage innovation and promote leadership needs changing the fundamentals of the workplace. A good business culture goes beyond high remuneration, flexible working, incentives and attractive office space. It needs your employees to feel needed, and valued. A valued employee is more productive and innovative. The promotional products can help you in creating a workforce which is more productive, engaged and innovative.

The role of a promotional product in the same


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A thoughtful promotional product not only promotes the reputation of the company but it also tells how your company values the recipients. There are many types of research which have again and again proved that promo products are great in driving employee engagement. The promotional products can be anything from a bag to some hi-tech gadgets. Currently, all branded products are highly in demand.

Promotional products being attractive, fun and interesting leave a profound impact on the employees. It should be embedded in the employee engagement strategy so that it can bring the change in organizational behavior.

How to incorporate promotional gifts to change organizational behavior?

While you should welcome your new employees with some goodie bag containing a beautiful pen, some nuts and sweets, it shouldn’t stop there only. There are so many ways to keep your old employees happy as well like you can communicate with them through innovative ways like with useful URLs, phone numbers and smart notebooks which can easily transfer the handwritten notes into the digital ones. You can also distribute branded apparel to your employees. Promotional products can make your employees more dedicated to the company, and you will see your business progressing.

Studies have shown that when employees can see the impact of their work, they are more likely to feel the enthusiasm and passion for their participation. Therefore if you reward your employees with promotional products like branded power bank or personal bank, you are showing your workforce that their efforts are appreciated and acknowledged. Using promotional product is the easy, simple and cost-effective way of encouraging employee engagement.

Encouraging good fellowship and promoting recognition

Good business culture is when you promote the camaraderie – from birthday parties to participation in the good cause. You can use products like branded t-shirts, hats, bags when you are making up a team. Most of the employees leave a company because they don’t feel that they are recognized by their company. A great strategy to prevent this is by giving promotional products to the employees that are useful, thoughtful and attractive to them. Your employees should be pleased to receive such products as their recognition of achievement.

Peer-to-peer recognition

While you can use an annual recognition award to encourage more employee engagement, there is also a necessity of developing peer-to-peer recognition activities. When an employee goes above and beyond in his work and cooperation then receiving a small promotional item from colleagues can boost up his confidence which in future will help him in performing extraordinarily. Such corporate gifts can be anything like a ‘Thank you for your help’ notepad to the wireless phone charger.

You can also create the name of the employees on the promotional items which will make your employees participate more in the peer-to-peer recognition award.

How to boost productivity in employees through promotional items?

  1. Goodie bag for new employees – A new employee will immediately connect to your company if he is given goodie bag with at least one high-value item which can be anything – a wireless charger or a branded backpack. This will encourage a good relationship between an employee and the company.
  2. Health-related promotional items – Your company will progress more if your employees are healthy and fit. You can manage health and wellness seminars to encourage your employees to stay fit. You can also add up by providing them with hand sanitizer, workout t-shirts and Fitbit. This will demonstrate to them that the company really cares about their health.
  3. Don’t ignore your remote employees – Its easy for a remote employee to feel ignored especially when they cannot connect with their colleagues. Show them that they are not ignored with items like branded water bottles and phone case which they can use when they are moving.
  4. The culture of holiday gifting – Gifting your employees on holidays is a great way to make a healthy company and employee relationship. You can simply present an outstanding award to your employee on the Christmas party, or you can leave a thank you note with a personalized branded item on their desk. Promotional products are a great way to encourage your workforce.
  5. Making commute smooth by promotional products Most of the employees have to travel at least for 90 minutes on average daily to reach their workplace. With such a long travelling, it’s common to become irritated and de-motivated. You can gift them a happy commuting kit like earbuds, phone and tablet case, and customized travel bag to keep them encouraged.

Now that there are millions of promotional products available, you can pick the one you desire for your employees. Using promotional products to recognize, reward and engage your employees to improve your business is one of the best cost-effective strategies. Employees nowadays do a detailed evaluation of the company that they are planning to join, or they will keep on working in future. They mainly look out for a good salary, time flexibility, nice and comfy office spaces and recognition programs. Results- based recognition is the most effective way to improve productivity. Using personalized promotional products as an award makes a successful impact on the employees. You can also go for weekly, monthly and quarterly awards for the team members who have performed extraordinarily in that time period. A good and useful promotional product can play a key role in amplifying your employee engagement and in changing the organizational behavior in the right direction.

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