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How office massage chairs make employees more productive

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The advantages of workplace massage chairs are numerous for both employees’ and organizations’ productivity. Massage chairs are similar to machines that stimulate without the need for human intervention. Whenever a person sits on one of the chairs, motors vibrate and provide a massaging sensation on the body.

If you have been interested in introducing chair massage at your workplace, you’ll probably question “How office massage chairs make employees more productive and relaxed.” Many of the advantages of chair massage for your employees are comparable to the advantages of having a full body massage at some luxury spa but in the convenience and comfort of your office which will not only save time but also reduces cost.

We have analyzed and designed this article so you can know the range of benefits of massage chairs and how they increase the productivity of employees at the workplace. Let’s get started.

Reduction of stress

People who come to the office to only assure their physical appearance and spend or pass all of their working hours at the office with low engagement do significant harm to businesses owing to low productivity. A high level of stress is one of the most prominent factors of a low productivity ratio in the workplace. It makes employees avoid work activities.

Stress reduction is among the most important advantages of a chair massage. Massage treatment in a sitting position may be a powerful creative outlet. A workplace chair massage practice can be a perfect remedy to excessive turnover rates, absenteeism, and lack of motivation caused by job-related distress.

Additionally, massage has been demonstrated to increase white blood cell formation, resulting in a stronger immune system and reduced health care expenditures for businesses. Massage can also assist to enhance mental health by increasing brain serotonin levels while decreasing cortisol that has been found to reduce stress and enhance emotions of well-being.

Improves concentration, vitality, and mental alertness

A chair massaging practice can rapidly ease back, shoulder, and neck discomfort by 48 percent. Carpal tunnel and tendonitis sufferers experience a 14 percent reduction in pain and suffering.

Chair massage has been shown in studies to reduce anxiety and alleviate muscular tension and discomfort. It can also help with migraines and sleep habits. Employees can focus more on their tasks if there are fewer interruptions. Furthermore, the introduction of chair massage at offices improves employee happiness and enthusiasm.

Employees demonstrate greater attentiveness, quickness, and accuracy on numerical calculations after receiving chair massages.

Emotional and mental well-being

Anxiety and depression are two of the most prevalent mental illness that your employees dealing with, and unaddressed stress may intensify these disorders while also being unpleasant for anybody else. Whether you have a coworker who suffers one of these ailments or simply wants to make your staff feel better, a massage chair will help them identify a moment of calm attain mental equilibrium.

You can assist employees to achieve mental focus for improved decision-making and maximize their potential by having a decent massage chair in the workshop.

Helping employees stay at the workplace

Employee wellness has been found to affect productivity in studies, and only a happy and healthy staff can give greater outcomes than enhance productivity. Recognizing the necessity of providing employees health and happiness for them to cope with stressful situations and become even more efficient.

When companies pay extra attention to their workers’ well-being, it strengthens their connection and creates a work atmosphere that pushes people to perform better and produce more.

Enhances problem-solving skills and imagination

This was proved in fascinating research in which problem-solving skills were linked to obtaining a good massage.

Being relaxed and having enough oxygen in your brain cells are two factors that contribute to the clarity of thought.  Massaging chairs helps employees to think with clear creativity and gift them enhancing problem-solving and decision-making skills which have a strong relationship with their increased productivity at offices.

Increases workplace cooperation

Health and wellbeing are concerns that should be addressed 24 hours a day, seven days a week, and your welfare solutions should reflect this. Greater accessibility leads to greater achievement. Ease of access also makes matters quantifiable, which is something that every business strives for.

Having massage chairs at offices is among the most effective method to reduce issues and maintain individuals who use them in relaxed and stress-free conditions.  People with a calm nature have more patience and flexibility, which is beneficial for morale and a better work atmosphere, as you undoubtedly know.

Assist executives in maintaining mental fitness

Mental health is perhaps the most critical trait that executives possess.  They must be able to perceive what others cannot and act fast while others are hesitant.

Massages won’t fix your company’s difficulties, but they will help you get rid of nervousness, sleep better, feel refreshed, and rediscover your passion. Massaging chairs have been linked to improved job performance in studies.

Massage chairs in lunchrooms, lobby, meeting rooms and other areas may go a long way toward improving your company culture and changing it into something that values comfort and a calm ambiance, making HR’s work of establishing the greatest workplace for employee engagement much smoother and faster.

Improves blood flows and reduces blood pressure

A massage chair’s therapeutic touch encourages the organs to operate more slowly and deeply. Additional oxygen is absorbed into the circulation and circulated in the body when the muscle calms. Regular massaging with the help of massage chairs, without using pharmaceuticals, can reduce blood pressure up to 6 percent.

The maintained bloodstream in the human body helps to minimize frustration and lazy behavior which leads to the increased productivity of employees at the workplace.

Creates a fun and enjoyable environment

Employees are more likely to join and continue with what they enjoy. If it’s uninteresting, it won’t endure longer. Massage chairs are a lot of fun to use. The massage chairs at work were chosen as the best entertaining health solution by the customers! It’s the type of enjoyment you can have alone or with others.

Enjoyable and attractive workplaces help employees to come office with punctuality and do their work with full joy. The chairs could be used by anybody to relax, accomplish their finest work, send emails, and have conferences while improving their health. The presence of massage chairs alters the surroundings as well from boring to enjoyable.

In addition, the research found that simply 15 minutes of resting in a massage chair resulted in considerable increases in EEG adult brain processes, which may also be reflected in improved performance. Furthermore, it was shown that after having a massage, people were better able to do rapid and correct mathematics exams, although people that did not have one exhibited no change.


A massage chair may shift people’s perspectives on their occupations, and having one on hand is one of the finest things you can do to improve retention of employees and happiness. Everybody who works but doesn’t exercise frequently suffers from discomfort or muscular high levels of stress of their employment, therefore purchasing well-made massage chairs will benefit your entire staff. And they will undoubtedly thank you for it.

Massage chairs have become popular in the workplace because they allow employees to enjoy the physical and emotional advantages of massage without deciding to move the premises. They can genuinely assist you in developing a more dynamic workplace atmosphere.

Story by David Hamnn

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