Global Poker: Americans’ ultimate poker solution

Global Poker is the only legal online poker site available in the United States. American players who enjoy the excitement and fun of online poker now have a once in a lifetime opportunity with Global Poker, as this unique platform offers them an easy-to-access lobby and gameplay.

Available platforms

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One shouldn’t have to deal with too many out-game complexities when it comes to playing poker online, as the game’s in-game sophistication is enough in itself. This is what the Global poker site has aimed to address, and through its custom-tailored poker software, it’s been quite successful. This software – which incorporates patented sweepstakes technology – doesn’t have an iOS or Android app, but it really doesn’t need one, since its entire operation is browser-based.

Advantages of Global Poker

  • It is the only legal online poker site available to Americans
  • There is a robust social currency, known as the Gold Coins, which allows players to work on their games
  • The browser-based site is quite user-friendly with its custom-made software.
  • The ring game lobbies, tournaments, and entire gameplay run very smoothly.
  • The tournament lobby has got everything a player might want in a game – from statistics and average chip stacks, to the number of players left and payouts.
  • The avatars are cool, and they offer several options. The game backgrounds and table are bright and can be changed to one of several options – from the “Casino” view to the set of a high-stakes “TV table.”

What gaming options are there on Global Poker?

Despite being the only legal ‘make-money’ poker site available to Americans, Global Poker is also one of the world’s leading poker sites with the varieties of games it offers to its players. Global Poker offers four different types of games, and they include:

  • No-limit hold ’em
  • Fixed-limit hold ’em
  • Pot-limit Omaha
  • No-limit Crazy Pineapple

The Jackpot sit’n’gos

JPs, for short, are fast-paced tournaments recently implemented by Global Poker to allow players to take a shot at a big payday in very little time. Three people take part in the tournaments with scant 3-minute blind levels. The beauty of this idea is that in a Jackpot sit’n’gos, three players will compete in a winner-take-all fashion for a random prize pool.

What is the rake?

This is, no doubt, one of the most significant worries of many players, and we are happy to inform you that this $weeps cash ring games feature a 5 percent rake. However, there are some caps in place, depending on the number of players. Sometimes, the rake might shoot beyond this fixed 5 percent threshold.

Payment and cashout

Global Poker accepts a wide range of withdrawal and deposit options. From Mastercard and Visa, through Worldpay, to Skrill, the possibilities are quite a handful. The essence of this payment is to purchase Gold Coins, which will be used in working your games. In times of cashing out, real money will arrive straight to your bank account once you provide all the necessary details. However, it is essential to note that withdrawal requires players to provide a photo ID and proof of address.

Global Poker player rewards and promotions

  • The site runs various freeroll tournaments and promotional leaderboards offering players the chance to earn extra Gold Coins.
  • There are also opportunities to purchase different avatars.
  • Major series also offer some added rewards – trophies, swag gear bags, and even opportunities to play in major live tournament events.

What sets Global Poker apart from other poker sites?

Outside of the United States, online poker sites that accept US players are quite few and far between. And in fact, those that do are offshore sites that are, at the very best, operating in grey areas. Players may find it complicated making payments and cashing out from these sites, and there are no guarantees that these sites will remain accessible. On the contrary, Global Poker deals with Worldpay – one of the most trusted and easily accessible online money transfer sites in the world.

By and large, Global Poker’s ability to offer US customers online poker with a recognizable and easily accessible banking option sets it apart from its otherwise shady competitions.

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