Father’s Day is coming up! Here are 4 gift ideas

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It’s that time of year again, the day where you put your dad in the spotlight. Why? Because he raised you and partly made sure you had/have a roof above your head. So, this year, it’s time to gift him something special. But you don’t have a clue on what, that’s where we come in. We have listed 4 gift ideas for you to give to your dad. Is one of them a great idea for your dad? Let’s find out.

1. Anything personalized

A gift with a personal touch is always an excellent idea. Because it means it’s solely meant for him. Which tells him you really really love him. And you want to be his favourite child, am I right? Even a handwritten note or card has an important impact on most dads, so add that to the gift. But you can choose from socks with his initials or face to a bottle of scotch from his birth year. If you have a great story behind a gift (which you can easily make up) there’s a big chance he’ll never forget your thoughtful gift.

2. A drawing

You probably won’t remember it, but your dad will. Every day you came back from kindergarten holding a piece of paper with a few stripes on it. To mommy and daddy, it mostly said. At first, your parents tried to keep them but as you grew older there simply wasn’t enough space to store them. So, bring your dad back in the days you were a child and draw him something. Even if it’s just a house with a sun and a three. He’ll probably think it’s hilarious and hang it on the fridge.

3. Quality clothes

Even if they don’t express it as much as moms, dads are also always in need of new clothing. So treat him to some new quality clothes. Dads have less clothing than moms most of the time. That’s why you should give him some lovely clothing that’s of the best quality. In need of idea’s? Gift him some merino woollen clothing (Dutch: merinowol kleding) such as a thin sweater for men (Dutch: dunne trui heren). Why merino wool? Because it’s 100% naturally fabricated and it’s immensely comfortable. And dads need comfort in their lives. Seems like a great reason to us to buy clothes made of merino wool.

4. Barbecue attire

When you think about summer and your dad. The first thing that comes to mind is him standing over the barbecue being an absolute dad. Since the summer is coming up, it’s time to give him new accessories for the barbecue. Think about a brand new leather apron or a barbecue tang and knives. He’ll probably be thrilled with a gift like that!

Whatever you give your dad, know that he’s happy with anything you give him.

Story by Tim Hoogwerf

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