Factors to consider while choosing dining table

Dining table is the focal point of your dining room, where family gathers to enjoy their meals. Even guests get served and entertained at the dining table. It is also used more than other home furniture, so choose one wisely. Even in Sydney, you will find dining room furniture available in variety of materials, shapes, and styles. When you look for furniture in Sydney, choose functional quality and versatile finishes.

Factors to consider while choosing dining table


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Shape and size

  • Rectangular – It is functional and versatile. Depending on the length, it can cater 6 to 12 people. It can be extended anytime, so is a practical shape option.
  • Square – This shape suits compact spaces or narrow & long rooms. Small sizes can accommodate 4 to 6 people.
  • Round – It is perfect for small areas. Dining at round shape tables make the diners feel cozy as everyone can see and communicate easily. Large round tables occupy space and can be inconvenient.
  • Oval – Just like rectangular table, an oval shape offers lengthy surface. It looks elegant with rounded corners and is a great choice for narrow dining space.
  • Customized – For unusually-shaped rooms, you can get dining tables customized, accordingly.


  • Wood – Natural wood material is always in fashion. Solid wood will add warmth and appeal to the interiors. Mahogany, oak, maple, walnut, birch, cherry and ash are hardwood varieties. They are durable and costly than softwood. Pine, cedar, spruce, larch and spruce are softwood. You get plenty of finish options in both kinds of wood like painting and staining. Plywood, chipboard, and MDF is cheaper option to solid wood.
  • Glass – For high tech, modern home with minimal decors tempered glass table tops look sleek and elegant. Room also appears spacious and stylish chair as well as an area rug will compliment this kind of table. The frame can be designed from stone metal or wood.
  • Metal – For an edgy and modern look choose the durable, sturdy, cool to touch, and easy to clean metal tabletop.
  • Marble – the rich luxurious tone of marble will be ideal for contemporary, modern and traditional style interiors. It has a textured surface, which can be cleaned easily.
  • Granite – Granite tabletops are tailored to blend with overall interior design. Granite like marble is porous and will require sealing and resealing. It is heavy to move, so consider it only, if you are going to stay in the house your whole life.
  • Quartz – Highly durable non-porous stone adds modern and sleek touch. It needs an appropriate base to handle its heavy weight.
  • Laminate – It is multi-layered material, which imitates real wood in appearance. Laminate material is durable, sturdy, and wear-resistant. It is a cheap option to get wood look in dining room.
  • Plastic – An affordable or budget-friendly choice. Even though it is water resistant, comfortable, lightweight, easy to clean and available in multiple styles and color, it lacks charm and elegance of glass, stone, and wood.


Check out the different dining table styles at Perth furniture stores to add designer touch to the space.

  • Traditional – Timeless regal style that includes detailed textures and stylishly carved/engraved details.
  • Modern – Sharp angles and clean lines are used in Modern tables but it brings unfussy element to the space.
  • Rustic – Wood is used in its natural form and is great option for cottages, cabins and homes with rustic décor.
  • Contemporary – Contemporary style tables bring latest feel and appearance.
  • Industrial – Tough style and brings the feel of factory.

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