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Erik King shares his top 3 tips in online marketing

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Erik King is a widely recognized online casino affiliation mogul and casino expert who spends most of his time working on projects like Zamsino, Kiwislots and the new launch of

Here are his personal top 3 tips for online marketing in 2019.

Focus sites

One of the most common mistakes I see daily are people who put 100% of all their effort into 1 site.

While it’s smart to create quality content for your audience, it is very risky to put all your effort into just 1 website.

Personally, I wouldn’t recommend any more than 3 focus sites. What I mean by this is that these are the 3 sites that you update weekly, build links to and do maintenance on. Any other project should be labelled side-projects.

“Content is king”

You have probably read it thousands of times. Content is king.

Well, it’s true.

If you have content that is worth reading, sharing and engaging in, then your website will have a huge edge over others.

Let’s take the search term “new online casinos” as an example.

We have website A that ranks #2 and website B that is the first result in the SERP.

Both have optimized well for Google and are using best practice whenever they can.

But the editor of website A has spent a lot more time researching user intent and has therefor posted a lot more casinos than website B, many of the business we checked are from Malta.

So even if website B would have a higher ranking at that particular moment, website A would have “better” content by having more casinos available because the search intent is wanting to find online casinos.

Just a slight percentage in CTR, time spent on site and if they decide to return to your site have a huge impact on your rankings.

Building backlinks

There are million guides available for all sorts of backlinks and I won’t give you another one here.

But there is a particular mindset that I use when I’m doing outreach for my websites and that mindset is that I am simply doing marketing.

I reach out and try to reach bigger audiences with my content. I spend a lot of time on the articles that are posted and try to choose sites that have big potential audiences.

I do my best to actually provide value for whoever may read the words that I’m typing.

This strategy has separated me quite a bit from my competitors who largely choose a more spammy approach. Erik King is the author behind the successful free spins guide Zamsino UK and the new casino guide Gambla Canada.

While that strategy is currently effective, it won’t last forever. Google is getting better each day at understanding search intent and promoting good content.

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