Waynesboro drops proposed pet limits

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The updates to the Waynesboro animal control ordinance will not include limits on the numbers of dogs and cats that city residents can own.

Mayor Bobby Henderson broke this bit of news at tonight’s Waynesboro City Council meeting. Reading from a prepared statement, Henderson indicated that council members were in agreement that the limits on the number of dogs and cats proposed by City Manager Mike Hamp last month should not be included in the updated animal control ordinance.

City leaders also agree, according to Henderson, that a proposal to require licensure of cats should not be considered going forward.

In the statement, Henderson also indicated that there was agreement among City Council members that any limits on chickens and roosters would come along with a grandfather clause allowing residents who would be over whatever limits might ultimately be enacted to keep their animals.

City Council had last month set a Sept. 27 date for a review and final vote on the proposed ordinance. Henderson’s statement tonight made it sound like that date is no longer set in stone in that sense.

We’ll have more specifics on this tomorrow after reviewing the archive of the live video stream.

Story by Chris Graham

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