A look into high-risk merchant account and high-risk credit card processing

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Most small company owners will not hear the terms ‘high-risk merchant account’ and the use of ‘high-risk credit cards processing’ until they are recognized as such.

At first, it looks a little mysterious. It may feel like unfair criticism against your products, service, and yourself. However, you don’t need to worry. We’ve prepared this guide for you!

In the view of sharkprocessing.com, it typically shows that your firm carries a higher risk of chargeback and it has nothing to do with your firm’s activities.

You need to find an acquiring bank that will underwrite your business to open a high-risk business account. If a firm has significant chargebacks, or the history indicates refunds, the bank may place a rolled reserve on your account.

Benefits of high-risk merchant account

You may be surprised to find if you are ready to pay the higher fees, you will identify some benefits as a high-risk merchant.

Below information includes the benefits:

1. More flexible payment options

Low-risk merchants may receive only some sort of revenue by credit card. High-risk merchants have fewer limitations, which mean they can:

  • Offer repeat payments
  • Sell a greater range of products and services

High-risk merchant accounts enable organizations to accept many sorts of payments that might help them because they offer a range of payment choices. Not only this, but these accounts also provide the company with protection against clients who attempt to disappoint them by using fraudulent checks or invalid credit cards.

2. Companies get back on their feet financially

Companies decide to open this form of account because they have experienced financial difficulties in the past, including bank defaults or major debt defaults.

The purpose of high-risk business accounts is to help enterprises get financially back on their feet when other regular financial channels are not available. Many companies see this as a second chance to get back on track and make a profit again.

3. Easy streamlined set-up process

Another advantage of this form of high-risk account is its easy streamlined setup process. This is an attractive option for many firms, but in particular for those which offer a range of services.

Typically this process can be done online and often within 24 hours the application is accepted.

If you are a company that aims to establish an online digital presence, you will have to provide a way for clients to easily and conveniently pay for products and services. A high-risk business account provides a company with the security net, a second chance for many companies to re-engage.

Apart from a high-risk merchant account, what to consider when looking for a high-risk credit card payment processor

Many high-risk credit cards processors are available, so choosing one that meets your business requirements is not easy.

1. Security

Since high-risk merchants create chargebacks and fraud actions, you need a solid prevention system and a multilayered approach.

2. Flexibility

Get a high-risk processor that can create different payment scenarios to fulfill all the business requirements, if you run a complex business model.

3. Transparent pricing

Search for a payment processor website for the fee structure. Keep clear how much it will cost you and no hidden or extra charges.

If your possible high-risk processing partner does not give exact information, an alarm bell should ring in your thoughts. Also, remember that if your income goes up, rates may be reduced.

4. Technology

Are there many accounts for your future payment gateway? Can you tailor all elements of your payments? What you need is quick and easy payments without delay and unpredictable surprises.

The bottom line

If you apply for a high-risk commercial account, remember that its terms must be more strict than those of a regular merchant account. So read the contract properly.

It is never easy to choose a high-risk payment processor that fits your company perfectly. Seek for a payment platform that offers a multi-faceted method to efficiently reduce suspicious activities.

Story by John Black

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