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5 ways to get past tough situations quickly

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Nobody likes to be dragged into tough situations. Nobody likes their back being caught against the wall. But, unfortunately, as humans, there is simply no shying away from challenges. One day everything seems so great in your world – and the next, you’re confronted with what appears to be your biggest challenge so far. Such is the order of the world, and as humans, we have no choice but to embrace and battle. So what do you do when you find yourself in these situations? Sit back and wallow in pain? Far from it! Nobody deserves to live forever in pain, anxiety, depression, or tough conditions. To this end, here are some simple tips to help you get past tough situations quickly.

Make acceptance your priority

One of the biggest mistakes people make when going through a rough patch is trying to compare where they were with where they are now, or trying to wish things were better. No, you don’t have to live in the past. The first step towards getting out of any bad situation is accepting that you’re in it already. The moment you are able to make “acceptance” your priority, it will be easier for you to find viable solutions to whatever the prevailing condition might be. Remember, there is always a solution to every condition, but you won’t find the right one for you if you don’t accept that this is your present predicament. In truth, you might not be able to squelch your feelings, but you can decide to accept what’s happened, regardless of how you feel about it. The sooner you accept it, the sooner you can act from where you are, which is the only way to change how you feel.

Never hesitate to reach out

Regardless of how insufferable or heavy-hearted the situation you find yourself in today, always remember that some people have been there before, and they scaled through. So there is no reason why you cannot and will not get through it too. To aid you through the process of getting through your tough situations, you might want to try reaching out to people who’s had similar experiences. But if you don’t have such people around, you can still get a personal life coach to counsel you, fuel your energy, make you see the light at the end of the tunnel, and help you through your tough situation via their 1-on-1 coaching skills and experience.

Focus on the life lessons

One of the fastest ways to get out of any challenging situation is by looking at the bigger picture. Yes, your current situation is unbearable and unendurable, but what if there is a life lesson in it to be learned? What if whatever you’re passing through is just a way to get you to reach your life goal faster? Perhaps you’ve recently lost your job, and it feels so difficult leading a normal, regular life. What if the life lesson is to determine your true purpose? Maybe your life-long relationship has just fallen apart, and it feels like the world is crashing down on you. What if the life lesson is for you to become more independent? What we are trying to point out is that regardless of how daunting your current situation might pose to be, always question yourself to see whether there is a greater good in the whole process.

Question how challenging the problem is

Sometimes when we run into little life obstacles, we are quick to tag it as something pretty serious. Yes, little in life is as horrible as it appears to be at first. Some things are challenging, yes we know that, like losing your job, your home, or at the very worst, someone dear to you. But most situations we consider tough, challenging, or daunting can still be solved. Sometimes they are even a blessing in disguise. By and large, whenever you find yourself in a situation that appears to be tough and challenging, always question whether it is, indeed, the end of the world. And more importantly, if you’re able to deal with this situation and bounce back with an even better condition – say a higher paying job or a more satisfying relationship – how impressed would you be with yourself?

Make “Get Strong” your Mantra

Kanye West once said, and I quote, “that which don’t kill me can only make me stronger.” Trust me, that you’re still able to search for ways to get out of your tough situation shows that you’re still in control of your life and normalcy. To fully become liberated and free, you only need to convince yourself that all isn’t over yet. As a general rule of thumb, always use mantras whenever you feel down, scared, or worried about your situation. This will not only put your mind at rest, but it will also serve to remind you that you’re still in control.


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