5 great offer ideas to use on your landing page

landing pageYou read a post on the internet that said: ‘landing pages are one of the most effective tools for lead generation’. Since then, there is only one thing on your mind: create a compelling landing page to turn your visitors into leads.

However, you have no idea about what you should offer to visitors through your landing pages to compel them to fill your sign-up form.  Since we know you are struggling to come up with interesting offers for your landing pages, we’ll enunciate a few offer ideas that can help you turn your visitors into valuable leads.

1. Membership Discounts

Everyone loves a discount. Offer exclusive membership discounts to visitors through your landing pages. Tell them that all they have to do to get a discount on your products or services is to complete the sign-up form.

The visitors who are interested in your products or services will not hesitate to exchange their information for the discount. They may even tell their friends and family about your offer and get more visitors to your landing page, increasing your chances of turning them into leads.

2. Ebooks

Ebooks on interesting and useful topics can also be used as offers on landing pages. Experts at Servme recommend that when an ebook is being offered as gated content through a landing page, the content should highlight the value visitors will get from reading the ebook.

You can discuss the main idea of the ebook or provide one chapter and then ask the visitor to enter their email address to read the rest of the book. This way, you’ll be able to instigate interest and compel visitors to sign up for your offer.

3. Competitions

Hold competitions through your landing pages and announce that winners will get a special gift like your products or an ebook. If your visitors are interested in your products or ebook or any other gift that you are offering through the competition, they would love to compete.

Promote your competition through social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram to get more visitors to sign up for your competition. It’s a simple way to get information of visitors and turn them into valuable leads.

4. Whitepapers

If you are marketing to business professionals, speak the language of business. Write important information about your industry. Make them current, relevant and value-adding. Show that you know your stuff.

Gain prospects by offering whitepapers through the landing page. Use great visuals and a compelling CTA to capture the interest of visitors.

5. Online Course

Online courses are another great offer that you can include in your landing pages. There are a variety of topics on which you can design an online course depending on your industry.

Visitors who are interested in learning about a particular topic without spending a single penny would love to sign-up for your online course.

Remember the key to all the offers you use on your landing pages is making the user feel like the products/services are valuable for them. So, whichever offer you decide to use, make sure to demonstrate its value to your visitors.

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